Afro Intellect is a hip hop group with soul. Our mission is to bring knowledge and community to hip hop and get people to stop and think for a minute. We love to make good music and we hope you love to listen to good music.
Made up of NDILOMA the lyricist , Carlos the man with the pipes, The Prime Suspect the Dr. of Beats/Producer (David Wortz) and my partner in crime/ dope lyricist JoshNoNickName or J-NO (Joshua Clark)

Latest News

This year Afro intellect prepares to take to the road, on a long trip with its final destination ending at South By Southwest, Austin Texas.

Keep watch for funny shenanigans, and deep conversations, as well as back seat free styles from the crew.

Afro Intellect will be performing with energy as we drop knowledge, and dope hip-hop on stage.

So just Kick back and enjoy the ride.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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