Ante Novaselic is a guitarist/musician/songwriter/producer from San Pedro, Ca 

At around 7 years young Ante started showing an interest in music & musical instruments which did not go unnoticed by his music loving parents. Two years later on Ante's 9th bday they gave Ante his first guitar and lessons. A nylon stringed Yamaha classical acoustic guitar.      
 By his mid twenties Ante was playing in and with many different bands/artists both known/unknown, on stages big & small, at home & abroad.
Ante was introduced to the world of sync/licensing through a bandmate who was getting hired to write music for various Indie projects, short films and documentaries.
Through trial & error, TONS of rejections, much frustration & nearly quitting Ante made slow but steady progress towards his goal & eventually landed his first placement. 
Today Ante has over 400 placements and co

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Latest News

Ante is currently working on his 3rd production music album (Acoustic Ambient) to be released by IFM Records (Invasion from Mars) for Apm Music the production music library giant. 

Very soon Ante will be releasing a song he wrote in collaboration with his longtime friends & collaborators: Jon Poli (Drummer/Percussionist) & (Vocalist/Songwriter) Scott Caudill. 
Downtown Trish should be here any day now!! 


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3 weeks ago to Ante Novaselic

Rae' Ven Rae's comment to you a few days ago prompted me to revisit your music, and I agree with her wholeheartedly. So, I'm just passing by to wish you wonderful accomplishments in 2024.

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Ante Novaselic
3 weeks ago

Yuri you are too kind. Thank you very much for the well wishes. I wish you the best in 2024 as well and beyond.
Thank you

Ante N

Rae' Ven Rae
4 weeks ago to Ante Novaselic

As a big Alice and Chains/Soundgarden fan, your vibe is one I instantly gravitated words! Love it!

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Ante Novaselic
4 weeks ago

Rae you rock!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and friend request. The music world took a big hit when Chris Cornell left us. He was a massive talent.

Hello Ante,
It has been a minute, but I told you about the unique sounding song I was working on, and you were interested in hearing it...I just released it, so let me know your thoughts please. "Because of Love" on my Broadjam Songs page. It is quite out of my pocket, but I love having a different genre in my catalog...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Vicki J

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