Producer/Songwriter/Creative Director @ IMPCO (Illustrated Minds Music Publishing Co.).

Not your typical  “Producer”. Genres are unlimited and I love to push the boundaries and get artists to go to places they never thought to or wanted to go. “Being sin such an uncomfortable spot can sometimes push us into our comfort zones without even knowing it. Because it forces us to go into fight or flight mode. That inherent force inside of us, adrenaline, or whatever you want to call it, when we get to that threshold, that tipping point, that’s when we get inspired. And we’re right back where we want to be: making music”
~ BL@N_K33+$ 

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Sounds Like: Trent Reznor, Prince

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Heyy All!

please head to the website above for exclusive license opportunities and special sound packs ONLY AVAILABLE THRU THR SITE!!! 

it’s a work in progress but I promise you, it’ll be the best site for licensing and audio info and beats anywhere around!!

BL@N_K33+$ Wit Da Beats babyyyyyyyyyyy


Thierry Coupey
over 30 days ago to BL@N_K33*$

Thank You BL@N_K33+$ for your 5* on Guerrier Admirable.

You have a funny, unique, but hard to remember pseudo/nick name by the way :-)
Love it.


2 Replies
over 30 days ago

Thank you, buddy! It's easy, though:
Blonde keets lol the d is silent!
"Blankeets wit da beats" baby! Come on now!

Thierry Coupey
over 30 days ago

All right ;-)

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