Charlie Mac is a music publisher, music supervisor, and a highly sought after independent A&R. Representing multiple genres, he has had success placing music involving brands like, MTV, EPIC, VH1, GUNIT, NBC, JIVE, NBA, DEF JAM, GOOGLE, GEFFEN, NIKE, ect.


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Veiw our top ten rappers here!!!

Contest starts 07/01/07 - contes

Who's the hottest rapper on the planet?
WIN 3 custom produced tracks from Mac a million dollar man musick!!!

Rapper with the hottest lyrics wins $400.00 dollars, a professional microphone, 3 custom produced tracks
valued at over $1500 dollars, and a 3 song recording contract, 2nd place wins 2 custom produced tracks,
and a 2 song recording contract, 3rd place wins 1 custom produced track, and a 1 song recording contract!

Contest starts 07/01/07 - contest end 10/31/07
Contestants must be 18 years old or have a parents consent to participate.
Void where prohibited!!!
Contest entries must be at least 2 verses longin order to qualify for entry.See official rules for more info.





The "Mac a million dollar man musick, Who's the hottest rapper on the planet rap contest" begins at 12:01 a.m. (P.S.T.) on 07/01/07 and end 11:59 p.m. 10/31/07 (P.S.T.). In order to enter the contest, click the "paypal" button at the top or bottom of this page and pay the non-refundable entry $5.00 US fee.
Then send your song in MP3 format to: www.whosthehottestrapper.com@gmail.com
Your email must include ALL of the following information in order to be considered a valid contestant:
Verification of the non-refundable entry fee of $5.00 US paid through paypal.
Email Subject Reads: Artist First & Last Name (Example: " Artist John Doe")
Email Body Reads: Artist First & Last Name
Email Body Reads: Artist Email
Email Body Reads: Phone Number
Email Body Reads: Address w/ Street, City, State, Postal Code, & Country (USA/Canada only)
Email Body Reads: Date of Birth
Your MP3 file name must equal your first name "dash" last name "dot" mp3 (Example: John-Doe.mp3)
Attach Your MP3 Contest entries to Email:
1) MP3 format only, only MP3 format will be accepted/received
2) Max File Size 5MB: Emails over 5MB in size will be rejected & not received
3) Only 1 Email Submission allowed. If you need help, send an email via the FAQ link below.
You may only submit your entry once. Submitting more than once will result in disqualification.


paste (www.whosthehottestrapper.com) into your browser!!!


Rap contest winner Critiques

Congratulations to the top 10 chosen contestants!!!

The top 10 chosen contestants will also receive free entry into our next contest, and $20.00 in rap cash
to use toward purchases on the www.whosthehottestrapper.com
All contestants will receive $50.00 off of any studio time booked by Mac a million dollar man musick.

#1. Way Mo Game ? RAW
Rap Analysis Rating - Score
Use of word play 1/10 - 10
Lyrical level of skill 1/10 - 10
Originality 1/10 - 10
Creativeness 1/10 - 07
Vocal delivery 1/10 - 08
Quality of Recording 1/10 - 05

Overall Score Rating Total=50

Positive Critique

Congratulations, this sounds good and we loved the rapper. He has parking lots full of potential!!! This reminded us of a young Tupac Shakur, really aggressive, and confident. He has most definitely got game.

Constructive Critique

The contest is over, but we would have loved a better copy of this recording, even though the production sounds dated, and it needs a better mix, we still had to pick this one as the winner

#2. Let me know - Straight Savs
Rap Analysis Rating - Score
Use of word play 1/10 - 09
Lyrical level of skill 1/10 - 08
Originality 1/10 - 09
Creativeness 1/10 - 07
Vocal delivery 1/10 - 07
Quality of Recording 1/10 - 07

Overall Score Rating Total=47

Positive Critique

This one?s so nice we loved it, vocal delivery was on point, the sangin? was all good, yo? awesome job.

Constructive Critique

This one was close, but no cigar, it had way too much bass, which took away from the songs overall potential! Turn the bass down some, and hire a real good engineer, then yall might have your selves a hit.

#3. it aint me ? Mazeo
Rap Analysis Rating - Score
Use of word play 1/10 - 09
Lyrical level of skill 1/10 - 09
Originality 1/10 - 02
Creativeness 1/10 - 09
Vocal delivery 1/10 - 07
Quality of Recording 1/10 - 03

Overall Score Rating Total=39

Positive Critique

You?ve got swag for sure, so we were happy to put you in the top ten, this is so gansta, keep putting down good work.

Constructive Critique

This one has a hard arrangement, it?s a hit though, but it?s loud and obnoxious, so take the volume down some, get a better mix on it, make a hook that stands out from the verses, then you might have a hit too!!!!!!!! Good luck to you man.

#4. Dear America - Vandal feat. Da Villan
Rap Analysis Rating - Score
Use of word play 1/10 - 05
Lyrical level of skill 1/10 - 09
Originality 1/10 - 02
Creativeness 1/10 - 09
Vocal delivery 1/10 - 03
Quality of Recording 1/10 - 04

Overall Score Rating Total=32

Positive Critique

Nice work, the vocal delivery sounds good, and it?s really a good song, clean product with a real life message in the song, the hook?s insane, yall did your thang on this one.

Constructive Critique

This one needs a tighter mix to reach that radio ready master quality level, so work on the low end and make it really solid, solid enough to feel when it hits you.

#5. Lyfe - Kid Kazmeo

#6. Undacuva thuggin - Dank Weed

#7. kold days - Big Geezy

#8. So many lives taken - Slant Eyez

#9. Rap Gospel - T.h.u.g.g.

#10. WestCoast - Kaos Brought


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I was born and raised in Florida, I moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in the music business. Another producer Michael Elliott and myself started Cash -N- on tha block records in 1996, a local Las Vegas label where I headed up the production team. Our first effort entitled, ?Behind tha lights? featuring myself (Charlie Mac) Money Mike (Michael Elliott), and 4 dolla (Fortune Rushton) we sold over 2500 units of a cassette single locally the first month, totally out of the trunk.

In 1999 me and my Cousin St. Thomas Brooks A.K.A. Sherlock formed a record label called ?Key 2 Life Entertainment? where we successfully completed five album projects, all of which were produced and recorded by myself. The Compilation/ 1 Key 1 life (urban hip hop/R&B ) sold over 500 units via-internet, and another 500 units out of the trunk.

I have established myself as an independent producer, the name of my publishing company is ?Mac a Million Dollar Man Musick?(ASCAP), and I?m a writer with BMI.
I am currently working with a whole new team of talented individuals at a major recording studio called, ?Platinum sound lab? in Las Vegas NV. I engineer and produce for countless artist year round, mostly urban hip hop and R&B, I?ve recorded everything from Country to rock and roll, to R&B and Hiphop.

I use many different programs, session players, a multitude of samples, keyboard workstations, digital audio workstations, to produce, and record my music.

Akai MPC 2000 XL, Korg Triton, Ensoniq TS-10, Yamaha Motif, Roland Fantom
Pro Tools, Sonar, Sound Forge, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, Ableton Live, Logic pro

I work as a recording engineer/producer at one of the premiere studios in Las Vegas, called Platinum Sound Lab www.spin910.com, I also have an artist out right now that he produced by the name of Smokee. For all of my latest work check out .................





Maybe we can do some work together. Holla at me if you're in Las Vegas, and I'll give you a tour of the studio.

Also for all of you car show enthusiast or maybe you need to get a new tattoo or some airbrush work done on anything, cars, boats, clothing, check out my folks over at:


Would love to connect if your still on... not been able to get on!

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yo i wanna hear from you i need some tracks

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yo this charlie mudd G holla back at me!

Charlie Mudd G
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yo Charlie Hit me up Charlie Mudd G 308-672-7913

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