I was born at a very early age, in London UK. Soon as I could talk, I told my mum, ''When I grow up I want to be a musician'' she said ''Son, I'm afraid you can't do both''. I've discovered growing older is mandatory, but growing up is optional, so I stuck with being a musician. It's been a varied career, good times, lean times, one day chicken, next day feathers, if you know what I mean. Had the pleasure of playing with some great musicians over the years; I'm hoping some of their talent rubbed off on me, just a little. Now based in Bristol, with my own recording studio. Took me a while to embrace new technology (electricity that is). But then, if it wasn't for electricity, we'd all be watching television by candlelight, did you ever think of that? Had some cuts on a few artists CD's, but I'm still waiting for that big one, before my birth certificate runs out. Thanks for your friendship, collaborations, help and advice. And always remember, you're unique, just like everybody else.

Latest News

Happy that my song Lockdown Blues earmarked by two providers, so wrote another...It Ain't Over Yet
'Retribution Blues' for the film A Bit of Bad Luck
'Don't Pass Me By' for Homeless Charity (JH)
'Madeleine' for new CD
Re working of 'Who's Gonna Rock My World? for new CD
The brief was to write a Prefab Sprout soundalike..rather proud of this, featuring Scott McPherson on lead vocals 'Won't You'

Story so far

In Earl's music one can hear most of the sounds that have had an impact in his life.
From Motown - Phily - Jazz - R&B before it became something else - Blues - Country and beyond....

Firmly rooted in the sounds of the past -Rhodes - Wurly - Strat - B3 - but also loving many aspects of todays sounds - Earl writes for himself - only what he likes to hear.
He was a session singer who left the business for some time - but is now writing - producing and SINGING with a vengance.
Earl plays all the instruments, Guitars, Bass, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Electric Grand Piano, Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Acoustic Guitars, Slide Dobro, Harmonicas, Drums and Percussion, Synths and all vocals.
Records, Mixes and Masters in his own studio.
He is looking to place songs with publishers.
He is also available for sessions.

Broadjam Reviews
'Talk about impressive, I loved what I heard - you truly have an amazing voice'

'Darn good presentation'

'You have a very different and marketable voice'

'I like the singers voice, kind of Mark Cohn, Micheal McDonald combination, the way they don't throw reverb all over it means the guy can really sing'

'Beautiful melancholy song, sweet aching vocals'


Greg Johnson
over 30 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

A beautiful song by an amazing talent!! The breadth and depth of your gift blows me away!

over 30 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

Hi Earl. I love "The Thing About Love". Well done, good sir!

Ian Graham
over 30 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

Thanks for your positive, helpful review of Light of Night. All the best.

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Lou Lollio
over 30 days ago

Hi Earl: Thanks for the review of Birthday Song by Lou Lollio

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