Hansel Copeland is a Virginia raised Christian piano composer, now living in Madison, WI, who invites you to partake in a musical experience carved of pure gift from God and recorded for your enjoyment.

Agreeable musical morphine on most of these SOLO PIANO tracks, intended for further orchestration incorporating STAND UP BASS, LIGHT PERCUSION, CELLO/VIOLA, FLUTE, & MARIMBA.

Close your eyes and let the movie sound track essence take you through your own personal production of this years greatest hit movie. (individual results may vary depending on imagination)

In 2006, Hansel's Recording of "DIVINE STYLINGS...don't hold your breathe" made it to the final round of the 3rd Annual Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs) in the "Best Unique Album" category. No awards on the mantle this year, however do expect a push for multiple nominations next year and hopefully, company for the dust on Hansel's mantle(doesn't really have one yet).


Please accept this opportunity to consider the posibility as you listen and view/review your life in your minds eye, that YOUR LIFE IN CHRIST COULD BE THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD.

...don't hold your breathe

...don't hold your breathe
don't hold your talk

don't hold your speak
don't hold your walk

because once they get down on you
there's nothing you can do

unless you remember to...
... breathe!

Don't hold your breathe.

The Beginning

Thirty-four years ago I sat at my first black and yellow keyed piano in the BINGO hall at the Ocean Park Fire Dept. #1 in Va. Beach, Virginia. I was 5 years old...

...to be continued...

On Lucas Cates...

Ever since the day I discovered Lucas was one of the folks God chose to cross my path, I've been through some incredible life experiences. Some less enjoyable than others.

That day, he was walking the earth with guitar in hand, and song at the ready. Some of the best musical expression and conversation with Lucas, in my opinion, quite often starts out this way.

If you had the patience to just sit and listen to him practice, your likely to learn a bit about who he chooses to be in his life...and a bit about why.

Who you choose to be in life and why, seem key factors, and is something I'd love to know about anyone I meet.

I've learned that this is a talented young man who's creations continue to grow as he does, playing you into the next conversation.

I've grown to appreciate his level of skill, consistent growth, and awesome overall product. He's a joy to watch perform and easy to listen to.

I've enjoyed every moment I've been blessed to experience, the musical intrigue, to the lyrical wit. It just keeps getting better and I believe it can be attributed to who he is being and what's working in his "LucaSystem".

My soon to be 14 year old is getting a copy of 'Contradictory' for her birthday soon, as well as my parent's in their 60s. I really think there is something for everyone to enjoy here and I hope his music just Goes !!!!KaBOOM!!!!! on the AAA circuit and globally...so I can prove I'm right!

I can't wait for the next disc to hear who he is becoming as this smart young musician. Playing the next note doesn't seem to be "how" anymore, but when, and the orchestration is ready to hook it up and floor it!

Definately keep an ear to this young mans music as it grows. Your kids just may be singing it to you soon, even if you don't.

Be sure and get to The MAMAs this year to see who's taking home awards. You're guaranteed to see the Lucas Cates Band, maybe your local favorite, and other local talent. Be early and enjoy the show!



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over 30 days ago to Hansel Copeland

Hi there. Do you sell piano sheet music for your songs? I would love to buy it for your song "Yellow Flutterby Dreams" if possible. It's such a beautiful song.

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