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Husky Records LLC

Husky Reords, LLC is the brainchild of H. Wallace Davis, Jr. who happens to also be a Hip-Hop artist who has been recording for over 15 yrs. Mr. Davis (Tha Bishop) has been in various hip-hop groups over the yrs. The Toppside Crash Crew, The B.O.C, & Tha Black Poetts just to name a few. Tha Bishop is a solo artist now & has been for many years. This most excellent upstart became a reality in 2007 when Mr. Davis received his certified package which included his LLC that made Husky Records a legal entity. Shortly thereafter papers were filed to become a legal music publisher. Before 2007 was over it was done, a LEGAL record & publishing company ready for the world. So we hit em! Jarvis Davis Publishing/BMI, James-Wallace Publishing/BMI, & Wallace Davis Publishing/BMI are ALL legal BMI entities.
Husky Records is also a A.S.C.A.P. music publisher at Dorothy Mae Publishing ASCAP.
Just one of our many goals, Husky Records mission is to produce, market, promote & sale outstanding Hip-Hop & R&B music. And trust me, it definitely feels good because were on our way & we're takin' it back to good music. Husky Records, RESPECTS our artist & we LOVE our fans but we call y'all FAMILY. Watch what we do in 2020. Stay tuned.


Thanks so much for the 5 Stars on "Back On Track ". I appreciate you taking the time to listen and rate... glad you liked it.

I'll check out your music and merch soon!

Be well,

over 30 days ago to HuskyRecords.TV

Dope track yo 🔥 feat? Lets get it

Ladee V
over 30 days ago to HuskyRecords.TV

Thanks for taking the time to review my song "For The Love of Money. Be blessed!

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Clean Clean

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