Welcome to the launch of an exciting new genre of music, Projection.

What is projection music?

Projection music represents a renaissance of emotion in entertainment and self help. By fusing mind relaxation techniques learned from years of life coaching, with poetry designed to speak to ones inner-self, and innovative and diverse music, Chase along with the Alumni Entertainment Group and their teams have created something that has the power to transform the lives of the listener in a positive and meaningful way.

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Check Out "YOU" The Album @ www.InnerForceRecords.com
In Memory of Chase Bays July 8, 1966 to July 8, 2007 ________________________________
InnerForce Records regretfully announces the death of CHASE BAYS a true SUPER STAR..... CHASE passed July 8, 2007 on his 41st birthday due to a severe case of pneumonia...... Just days before the release of "YOU".... His music will live forever !!! READ CHASES STORY AT WWW.INNERFORCERECORDS.COM


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I'm new here.,
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