Jay Stacs (Atlanta native), is not considered just a music artist... Lets just say that he is better described as a "multi-talent". Why? Jay Stacs is not only a creative musician but he is also a producer and mixing engineer. From the recent release of "#S8LT: All Me", it can be easily determined that this guy has skills and a ample amount of dedication to his craft. Jay brings groundbreaking and innovative music, that is set to change how listeners, enthusiasts and fans view the urban rap/hiphop culture.

#S8LT! (Straight Like That)

Sounds Like: 21 Savage, Lil Baby


Born and raised in the great city of Atlana on December 21, 1987, Jay Stacs has recognized music to be his soul and heart. From old school to pop to rap/r&b and today's "Indie", all genres have a big influence on his works as a producer which will lead to his success. Attending school at the Art Institute of Atlanta, he studies the industry more in depth and learn more valuable skills to make a even bigger threat to producers across the nation. Even though his intentions is not to be a threat, producers have recognized his upcomings and deny to work with a new talent. Digging into his deepest soul, Jay produces phenomenal ground breaking sounds that shakes the industry.Love, Live, Laugh is a well known phrase and Jay Stacs has proven that nothing will keep him from success by loving the music, living life to the fullest, and laughing at these "haters". Everyday is a opportunity.

- Jay Stacs

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Clean Clean

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