Mick spent many years working in education, writing and composing several school productions - a number of which have been published by leading school music company 'Edgy Productions' and these works have been performed in local and International schools across the world. His work has also been adapted for the theatre in the UK. One of his shows - 'Livin' In The 60s' was featured in a local BBC Radio programme 'Workplace Wanderer' in 2006.

He has been influenced by the music of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and the general folk/rock genre. Although his work has been primarily focused on the schools' market, he has recently produced an album titled 'Don't Blame the Doctor' (2021) which has been featured on local BBC Radio where 3 tracks have been showcased. His music has been included in school DVDs and he recently produced a video entitled 'Lullaby - (Still the World Keeps Turning)' which was included in the latest DVD and is available to view here.


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George Morgan
over 30 days ago to Mick Riddell

Well, I can't believe that I've stumbled across this today. Mick Riddell was a teacher of mine during my years at Hampton Dene Primary school and I have many, many fond memories of him. I always felt he saw something in me that other teachers of mine may of mistaken for being destructive, he was always so engaging in his classes and weather it was going the extra mile to see me succeed on the football pitch or asking me sing on stage during one of his amazing productions, I always felt like he got the best out of me. Today I've found Music written by none other than Mick Riddell. A man of whom seems to have such talent in everything he puts his mind too.

Mr Riddell, if you read this I'd just like to thank you for the positive impact you had on me during the early years of my life, I'm not sure that til this day anyone has had that same confidence in me, you always felt like a friend rather than a teacher. I wish you every success on your path after leaving teaching and will now, in what seems like a full circle, enjoy your music. Thank you, George Morgan, a former pupil.

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Mick Riddell
over 30 days ago

Great to hear from you George! Thank you so much for your comments. I remember you well. You were a great lad - very engaging and a real pleasure to teach. I also remember your brother Joe and your mum of course. So what are you and Joe up to these days? I've retired now (6 years) and really enjoying the freedom. My wife Clare and I travel a lot and I get up to see Celtic more often these days. I joined Broadjam last year and it's a good site to put up your music and get useful feedback. I've had three of my school musical productions published by 'Edgy Productions' based in Leicestershire and they are performed in many schools across the country. I can't remember which one you were in, but it brings in some royalties! I really enjoyed my teaching career and I miss the interaction with great pupils like you and my colleagues of course, but I don't miss the paperwork or planning into the evenings or Ofsted inspections!! Anyway - let me know what you're up to these days George and keep safe.

Mitch Siegal
over 30 days ago to Mick Riddell

Thanks for the 5 star review Mick. : )

over 30 days ago to Mick Riddell

Hey, Mick - thanks for the outstanding review of my song "I Don't Know If I Love You". It was actually the 3rd or 4th song I ever wrote, circa 1970, but it only took 50 years to get into the studio to record it. Glad you liked the song!

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