music for parents ~ the early years

The debut album by the band Delightful Angst includes 13 songs (including a cover of I Was Made for Lovin' You by KISS), each uniquely, lovingly, and humorously dedicated to the hard work of parents and caregivers. As Delightful Angst, Chris Gibson and Mary Beth Abel have been music and lyrics writing since 2018. The album was carefully recorded in 2020-2021 (given the pandemic!) and features the band as well as André Montague, Curt Golden, C-7: (a.k.a. C-Bass a.k.a Sebastián Gómez), Taylor Sherman, Meleah Gibson, Charlie Gibson, Nina Gibson, and Kaden Sherman. Thank you for your purchase and for supporting our work! We invite you to sing along and rock out with us as you listen to our music!

Biggie Blanket
Blues - Modern
Plays: 10
Sleep (the parental version of
Rock - Classic
Plays: 5
What Are Your Super Powers?
Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Plays: 15
I Do
Unique - Children
Plays: 3
It's All Worth It
Pop - Electro
Plays: 5
It's Time to Change Your Diape
Rock - Punk
Plays: 21
Feats of Mediocrity
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 10
NFB (Not for Babies)
Rap - Alternative
Plays: 30
Snuggle Mama
Country - Honky Tonk
Plays: 11
Quotable Parent
Unique - Children
Plays: 5
Peek A Boo
Rock - Ska
Plays: 7
Shall We Say Goodnight to the
Unique - Children
Plays: 11
Baby Rights
World - Reggae/Caribbean
Plays: 3
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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