I am a lyric writer and have no musical talent. I am looking for collaborations, so if you sing and can make good melodies let's Talk. I have a few songs with some great co- writers, but am looking to work with others as well.I write in country, country faith, Christian, Gospel, Blues,, Country rock, pop and rock genres.

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Happy New Years Everyone! I am excited to have the privalge of working with several Broadjam artist to create some new songs. I only do lyrics and depend on colaborations to make a lyric a song. I typicaly only do country or Christian songs, so I am looking forward to creating some music in diffrent genres. If you would like to work on a song together , let me know. I have learned alot from each artist. Look forward to hearing your new music as well.


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Hi Amy How are things? I jus released my newest recording entitled Discover Your Measure(c) 1997. The soloist was amazing. Hope you like the song. Hope to hear form you.

Be blessed Andrea

Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to amy abernathy

Thanks for the stars for my, "Reach the Sky" Amy!
I like a good story in my Lyrics.

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to amy abernathy

Hi Amy,
Long time no hear! Many thanks for the stars for The Drawing Room, The Song. I'm glad you like it, Cyndi did a wonderful job in writing and performing the lyrics, 100% her input. It has been the impetus for other projects together and I'm very honoured to be collaborating with her.
I just checked out When Pain Fades Into Beautiful and was mega-impressed.

I hope you are doing well?

Good luck,


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