Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Evan and Jaron initially pursued careers as professional baseball players. Although completely committed to an athletic career, Evan always kept their dad's old guitar propped in the corner of his room because he thought it looked cool. With the passage of time, the brothers realized that the guitar might actually get them more girls than the bat. And probably more hits too!

Shortly thereafter, they formed a pop/rock duo, which eventually became known as "Evan and Jaron"-- a radical depature from the act's original name, "Jaron and Evan". After being discovered by JIMMY BUFFETT, they scored three Top 40 hits, including the Top 10 smash "CRAZY FOR THIS GIRL". They have toured with an array of artists, including STING,HEART, THE DIXIE CHICKS and MAROON5.

Now, the brothers have decided to slowly unearth their extensive catalogue (hits, b-sides, out-takes, etc.) from the their over 14 years of writing and make it available for download. Enjoy.

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