Jim Aitken is relatively "late to the table" as someone who writes his own lyrics and accompanying music. His Songs are brought to life by Select and Great Artists! "The Promise", won "The Muse Songwriters" monthly Lyric Competition and achieved Finalist. In the UKSC! The Lyric, "Sunset" was also Finalist in the UKSC! It has still to be Recorded and Released! Other songs have achieved Semi Finalist status over the last two years. Jim leans towards songs with a story! E.g. Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot). Tim Patterson, on Broadjam, brings the (more Country Style) songs to life! "Reach The Sky", "My Last Farewell",  "One Night Stand" and, “I See Her Dancing”!   Kimberley Dunn elevates the songs, "The Promise", "Drift Away" and "One Night Stand" so beautifully! "Covid started a Journey Jim wishes to continue"

Sounds Like: Bernie Taupin

Latest News

"One Night Stand", tv Playlists and advertising.
“Sunset", “The Promise", “Drift Away" Finalists in UKSC.
In 2022 Dallas Songwriters "The Promise" - Final Eight!.
“Drift Away” Finalist “World Songwriting Awards”!
“Drift Away” Lyric Video on US tv Mothers Day.
Robert Warren, Recorded “Dear Jane” for his CD, “Seven Corners”!
“Drift Away” and “One Night Stand” - Finalists “Dallas Songwriters” Contest!
”I See Her Dancing” Feat: Allyson Briggs, Women Of Substance.
”One Night Stand” - No.35 in Canadian Country, CICC Top One Hundred
“Dear Jane” No.1 in Six Charts!
”I See Her Dancing” No.1 in Six Charts!

My song, “I See Her Dancing” is Finalist in the Folk/Americana Category, “The Great American Song Contest”


Jeana Marie Potthoff
over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Congrats on your "One Night Stand" contest win! Well-deserved honor for you. It's a great song. :-)

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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago

Hi Jeana, Really great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind message.
Sorry I have not been in touch for a while. I have been chasing my tail this Summer!
Golf, Bowls, Allottment (growing Veg) Promoting my songs in Playlists, Creating music and lost an Uncle, Neice and a couple of good friends etc!

How did you know of One Night Stand Winning?
I have not seen anything on the site.
It carries a free years subscription.
Im afraid i do not hold out much hope of achieving anything on Broadjam apart from this Internal Comp!
My music which has been selected by Promoters on here has produced No Return through Licensing!

How are you keeping, whats are the dogs up to and whats new on your Music?
I have listened to your music on ocassions. Time is not mine!
What do you recommend I should listen to?
Cheers, Jim

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Hi, Jim. I did some looking around and found your video of "Sunset," a very well done heartbreaking song of how love endures, and with the grand feel of country living! Your melody and story line grows and becomes more majestic with each verse. No wonder the judges in the contests you entered were so positively drawn to your songcraft. A very nice job, sir! Thank you for stopping by to my page, too, and for the terrific comments and stars for "Just Another Weekend" and "Ride the Wave." It's always a pleasure to share songs and thoughts with you! John

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Jim, you did a lovely job with "Where the Mountains Reach the Sky." Melody has a sweeping feel of the country, your story line has joy and conviction of having won your heart's desire, and it works with the melody like a marriage. You chose a terrific female vocal. Did you play all those instruments? They're played perfectly. Come by for a visit. I have a new song up, too. This time with a folk influence. I found a wonderful female vocalist from Buenos Aires! John

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