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Lyfe Concierge Publishing

Full service production company with a sister company that specializing in music placement, licensing and publishing as well as audio sweetening,sound design and mastering of any style song!

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1) We have been hired to put together the sound track for a feature Film, as well as do On Location Sound, Sound Design and release the sound track world wide and translate the audio into 12 different languages...(Gonna be a busy year)

We also  got one of our songs picked up by the company "HOUSE OF "ATHLETES"

2) We recently got a song accepted on 164 videos on Tik Tok and 15 songs on you tube and 2 songs accepted by Steezy Studios

3) We are in the middle of putting the finishing touches on 25 albums some with with 30 songs or so and 30 AI videos a per song

4) We just got a placement with The Show "The World Of Dance" with our most famous song in our library.

5) We got a placement for our song "Put In The Work" on Sony Play Station video game MLB The Show 2021/2022/2023?2024


Waow! You boys are hitting the ground running!
Success and recognition in many areas!
Which did you say is your most popular song?
I really appreciate the recognition of you five starring my "Drift Away" Ensemble here!
I am also personally chuffed that you have Endorsed me for Composer/Songwriter!

I have 3 songs in Scotland Top Ten Chart and No.1 of course! Ha!
My "One Night Stand" was voted Song of the Month here by peers which was unexpected and brought a years membership! Nice!
Many of my songs (including "Drift Away Ensemble") are now on Playlists and Compilation Albums through Compigram and Boomplay.
My "Dear Jane" is on "Museboat Radio" this Sunday evening from 10.00 pm London, or 5.00 pm New York time.
You can make comment during the show: Only if you are free!

Hey, I'm delighted to see your name come into my email! I'm happy to see in your news that you're getting placements. Many thanks for your listening enjoyment of "Ride the Wave" and "Raindrop Soul." Coming from you, that is indeed a compliment! "Raindrop Soul" is very much a special song to me and one I consider the most beautiful I've written. Shifting gears now, are you familiar with Arden Snow? He has a great neo-psychedelic rock song, "The Gypsy King" that is terrific ear candy as well. Definitely give it a listen if you haven't yet. Thanks again and always a pleasure to touch base with you! John

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Hey my friend, Yeah we love Arden and are well aware of the song Gypsy King, It's a great one & so is he!
Thanks for reaching out!
LC Team

Thank you for the vote. Could you send me a direct message when you get a moment please?

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You are welcome Trequad!
LC Team

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