The songs of the Eclectic Soul Orchestra are inspired by all of the many genres of music rather than just one. We offer a plethora of sounds that mix together to form original and unique musical concepts that are catchy, original, and unforgettable.


Cyclops Cow
over 30 days ago to Eclectic Soul Orchestra

Hi. I have to appologize, I wrote a review of your song, "The Pressure". I focused so much on writing and forgot to rate for all of the category-questions provided. And so it looked like I gave an incomplete review with a score of 8 / 15. I am very sorry for that and please understand that I did like the song, just a few comments/criticisms to offer.

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Eclectic Soul Orchestra
over 30 days ago

I do appreciate the clarity and I understand-I'm guilty of an accidentally negative review but I also appreciate the critisms as well

Hi ESO, I owe you an overdue thanks for your great review of "Out of the Gaze". I'm digging your Ulrich Schnauss meets Zero 7 sound. Time Keeps Passing is *very* cool!! ~Jeff

Well done. I like the interplay and variety of the various instruments. There is a lot going on, but all the voices stand out clearly without stepping on each other. Good background music to listen to as I watch the Cubs beating the Dodgers :)

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