BMI songwriter, founder of Talented Showcase 1 and ambassador for Elite Fitness Apparel. Her song titles include Change, Imagine, Every Kind of Beautiful, Have Hope, Pour on Us A Blessing, Set to Rise and much more. Her songs have been recorded and performed by artists worldwide. She has written songs for music producers, music publishers, artists and record labels from across the globe. Her music covers a range of genres including pop, electronic, soul, gospel, r n b, theatre and more.

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Now would be a good time to network and slow down on all the duplication of your work - all is good but needs major studio engineering- not trying to be rude only honest with you so you don't get your hopes to high that you come crashing down from the quantity of work and effort you're putting forward - please don't take this to personally of what we're saying only a professional point of view before you keep going - remember there are many just like you and doing the same but are on different levels some higher and lower and want the same results,it's only love and that is all, let it be, fake Paul? Lots of love, TSW

Nigel Barrett
over 30 days ago to Geraldine Taylor

Hey Geraldine, many thanks for your words about my tune called Zimbabwe - appreciated! It gives me encouragement to keep writing! The best to you. Nigel.

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Geraldine Taylor
over 30 days ago

Awesome music!!!

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Clean Clean

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