I love Broadjam and being able to share music and hear everybody's songs! We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy the gift of music.  The best part is what fun writing songs is! I enjoy the surprise of the different way a song comes to me. Sometimes I fiddle around on the guitar and I stumble onto some chord progressions that sound nice, then it develops into the music for a song. Other times I have awoken from sleep with a melody in my head that I was lucky enough to retain from my slumber. I have written a couple of songs while I was learning a cover, and I strayed off the chords and heard something I liked that became a new song. And one of my tunes was inspired by an argument I had with my wife, an argument I lost, of course!

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Frostbite Heart on Radio Cafe

“Frostbite Heart(pop)” now at #1 on Radio Cafe!! Here is link, with vote tab at link



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Wonder Boy (KaytLynn) being offered non exclusive contract by Tinderbox! Hope to have it placed in the near future!

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Daniel Wolf
over 30 days ago to Randall Mark

There's a line in my new book that says, "Never trust a baby's smile" which of course is ridiculous. Then someone told me babies smile in order to get their diapers changed. So even babies are born with an angle! In other words, trust no one especially in the music business which is all part of the great American dream industry. Hey, how many parents have spent 1000's on their child's singing and dance lessons when it was probably clear that they had no talent? I'm following Mike Brown on YouTube who says the entire Beatles phenomenon was a deception. It's worth looking into. In any event how have you been? I love your summer time song and the singer is fantastic. Hope to hear from you.

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Randall Mark
over 30 days ago

Thx Daniel. Great hearing from you. And interesting about baby's smile. Any new comedy performances? I absolutely list it when you quoted Woody Allen. 90% is just showing up and the other 10% is ......!!!!!!

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Randall Mark

Hey Randall! Thanks for the stars on No Love Lost...really appreciated!

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Randall Mark

Hi, Randall. "Frostbite Heart" is a well deserved #1 on Radio Cafe! You're going strong with your songwriting. Thank you for listening and enjoying "Just Another Weekend." I always appreciate your stars as you're very honest and a terrific songwriter. The heat dome here is an interesting development from the global warming, as has been the shift in fires from southern to northern California, Oregon, and Canada. People here have become irritable. Lora and I have been talking about getting the hell outta Dodge! San Diego looks like it stays temperate but I see that the ocean water has warmed up some over there, too. Of course, politics is nuts and driving everyone crazy! Anyway, trying to keep myself distracted with making music as I'm guessing you are, too. John

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