I'm a young Haitian Beatmaker that trying to make my name in cinematic music , I love to create emotion deep feelings in every track I made !

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Made the top 10 male pop music a few weeks ago  and still at the 2nd position in this top 10
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over 30 days ago to Oliver Keynes Lafaye

Hey Oliver - thank you so much for reviewing "twilight waltz" - I like the idea of adding strings to it, a lot of my stuff sounds pretty bare-bones
compared to other genres, I'm trying out some string patches that I might add to this one, which might make it more "licensable"! So thank you and have a great day! -diane

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago to Oliver Keynes Lafaye

Cheers on the review of my work on Dreamatorium... possibly my favourite client work to date. All three albums were something of an ode to atmospheric commercial takes on the edm genre. Great stuff. I encourage you to swing by and explore the albums. You might find a new album or two to fall asleep to. Vi

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Oliver Keynes Lafaye
over 30 days ago

No problem , It was a pleasure to hear your track
I'll check the albums

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