Samantha Grimes, blessed with a mesmerizing voice and a remarkable songwriting ability, was born, and raised in Minnesota. From a young age, Samantha displayed an undeniable passion for music and quickly established herself as a prodigious talent. Her natural inclination towards melodies and storytelling set her apart from her peers early on. That - and the happy accident that became her signature style: Left-handed and upside-down guitar playing. Samantha soon gained traction in the music industry with her debut EP, released in 2006. This EP garnered significant acclaim from critics and listeners alike. The five-song disc showcased Samantha’s versatility, showcasing her ability to seamlessly shift between genres and capture a myriad of emotions in her songs. Over the years, Samantha Grimes has continued to captivate audiences with her exceptional vocal range and poignant songwriting. With each subsequent release, she has ventured into uncharted territory, fe


George Michael John
over 30 days ago to Samantha Grimes

Thanks for the great review and kind words on Bloody Knuckles!!

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