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My Therapy is now available at all digital download locations; including iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon. The album features a collection of my music including Desert Rose, Lennons Basement, the original Black & well as Black & White featuring Megan McD.

Thanks to everyone.


Bill Manchester is a Singer-Songwriter, although a native to the New England area you may find him playing at locations throughout the US. Bill is at home in live venues, a barebones style of playing that captures the audience. Bill mentions in his song Lennon's Basement that music is know as a healer, and is working on his latests project with local producer Alex Krepkikh, the album will include new material as well club favorites. Desert Rose took first place in the Music Dispatch song contest; Bill's Playlist has been making appearances on various internet top ten list including Broadjam,you can listen to his music currently on the East of Midnight show Jonathan Wesley and CJMQ in Canada.

Hack Guitarist at Large

Warning:This site also contains rough self produced scratch-pad demos, although the basic message is there.

I'm currently working with Alex K a very talented producer on some new material and a more professional approach to some of my previous work. Tune in often,
Thanks for listening 

" Friends move on and time makes you older until all thats left is the bare-bones sound of a hack guitarist and his songs."-Bill Manchester


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Hey Bill. Mike from Jetstream (formerly). I'm blasting Desert Rose right now. Killer song, sir! I listened to it before when you mentioned you record. But relistening now and more closely paying attention, it's really freakin good. I know it's cliche when people say this, but it should be a hit. It's got all the elements. Even a little auto tune sprinkled in i think I heard. Great stuff.

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Bill Manchester
over 30 days ago

Yeah, I had fun with that one.... trying to get back in the studio... Happy New Year!

Greetins Bill Just reviewed simple things nice then Lennons Basement Good solid work! This ole music teacher would give you a gold star!

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to Bill Manchester

Hello there, Bill. Thank you for reviewing Hot Boiled Peanuts Instrumental. Just in case you are curious, here is the lyrics version: Mrs. Kate 1

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