Simon Chappell aka DJ-SLT-UK, was born on the 16/09/1970 in a little place called Rhyl/North Wales...In 1987 he migrated to Australia where he now resides today. He spent a good twelve years on and off djing around the scene before creating his first dance track, however Simon has played the piano since a very young age, so writting and creating music just seemd to fit hand in glove.

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Uploaded on are various songs for listening or even purchasing. The first six songs would have to be my pick at the moment and well worth a listen if you dont mind a bit of dance electronica music.
1.Move Your Body (Radio Edit)
2.My One & Only
3.The Spirit Within
4.XTC Pt.1
5.Steps Before The Flight
6.Its Karma Baby remix.01
Worth a listen, if you like then please by all means review or purchase & help support a talent thats fresh!


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Clean Clean

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