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Keith's Artistic Biography

Keith started writing songs when he was 16. A year after, he was accepted as a member of the PRS for Music Society.
Keith wrote several songs that participated in local festivals and had very satisfying results, placing amongst the first three in most of them, and even winning some Overalls. After these (in 2003) he managed to reach finals of the Festival "Fl-Ghaqda l-Melodija" in Section A. In the same year, Keith managed to win Section E of the Drydocks Festival and from there onwards he never looked back.
Lately in 2006, Keith wrote the lyrics of the Hamrun Girl Guides Anthem, commemorating their 60th Anniversary, of their official launch. He also wrote an anthem for 'Our Lady of Victory' Feast Celebrations namely 'O Marija Bambina'. Another anthem he wrote is 'Festa Kbira Naghmlu F'Ismek' for the feast of Saint Andrea of Hal Luqa.


Keith had reached the finals in various local festivals, namely, 'Fl-Ghaqda l-Melodija' where he had a total of 7 entries from which he managed to place twice 1st in Section A (2004, 2006) and once again he placed 3rd in Section C and won the public opinions' vote in 2005. Another festival is the Malta Shipyards Sports and Social Club Festival, where he won twice Section E (2003, 2006) and Section B(2004). Keith also managed to achieve the 3rd place in L-Ghanja Tal-Poplu Zghazagh 2005.
After all this, it was the Opportunity 2 Challenge 2005, where Keith had two songs in the semi-finals. Then in the same year, he won Section C of Festival Ghanja Lil Omm and had another song declared the Best Overall Mothers' Theme Song in the competition.
Beside all this, Keith also managed to reach the final stage of Festival Ilhna Maltin 2007. In the same year, he had three finalist songs in the Festival L-Ghanja Tal-Maltin and managed to win Section B.
Keith's songs were also chosen for the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2007 and 2009. In 2011, he had two songs in the Talent Zaghzugh Section and he won the 2nd and 3rd place.
In 2008, he reached the finals of the Festival 'L-Ghanja tal-Poplu'. Again in 2009, one of Keith's works was amongst the finalists of the same festival.
Keith also managed to reach the Semi-Final stage in the MaltaHit Song Contest 2009. Beside this, he also achieved the 3rd place in Section B of the first edition of Festival 'Ilwien Muzikali'.
The greatest achievement for Keith was when he made it to the Malta Eurosong 2010. In the same year, Keith placed 3rd in Section C of Festival "Ilwien Muzikali". Again in 2011, he managed to reach the final stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

International Achievements

Beside the National Achievements, Keith had experienced International Festivals too. In fact, he had been 3 times in Romania (2002, 2003, 2004) where in 2002 his song managed to win the Prize of the Childrens' Jury.
Other International Festivals included Russia(2003) and Italy(2004), where his songs won Special prizes; the International Nile Song Contest, that took place in Cairo, Egypt(2005); the International "Songs of the World" Festival in Chisinau, Moldova(2007).
He also had 7 entries in the Golden Cross International Festival organized in his home country, Malta. Keith managed to place twice 3rd in Section B(2005, 2006) and twice 2nd in Sections A and B(2006). He also managed to win the 1st place in Section B of the said festival in 2007 and 2008.
He has also participated in the UKSC 2006, Lyrics Only Category and both his entries made it to the Semi-Final stage. Again in UKSC 2007 he had 2 songs reaching the Semi-Final stage and his other 2 entries were declared Highly Commended entries. In the 2008 edition he had a déjà vu of the 2007 result. In the UKSC 2009, Keith submitted two lyric sheets and both of them made it to the Semi-Final stage.

All in all, Keith is quite satisfied with the achievements obtained.


Writing is a passion that I can't live without. ;)


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Thanks for the great review of STREET MACHINES, it means a lot!

Thanks for the great review of STREET MACHINES, it means a lot!

Keith, thanks for your great review of my song: I'LL SHOW HIM WHO'S WHO. I'm just the lyricist. But you may be right about picking up the tempo. Thanks again.

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Keith Zammit (lyricist)
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Welcome Sylvia and good luck for your future. tc. :)

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