Junior Murrell

Junior Murrell

Hailing from Barbados and now living in the UK. Ran with a few bands which gave me the honour of playing the legendary Ronnie Scott's Jazz club in the heart of London.

Junior Murrell

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Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Junior Murrell

Thanks for the 5's for "Space In Between". Appreciate the support.


Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Junior Murrell

Hi Junior,
Want to thank you for the 5's and nice response for Pale Vanilla Moon.
Your Friend,
Mr. Bill

Hi Junior ,
Thanks for your honest review of Flowers and Chocolates . Sorry to see from your scores that you don't want to here anymore of my songs , but after listening to some of your stuff , it's quite clear that we are worlds apart . Although like you , I have also been in the final of the UK Song writing contest , had Broadjam chart number ones etc , so at least we have something in common .
Don't know about you , but I'm always fascinated about the way songs are received by different people . Interestingly , the last critique for Flowers and Chocolates , scored 50 out of 50 , and was oozing with compliments . That doesn't make either one right or wrong , that's just the way it goes .
Good luck with your music ,
Phil .

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Junior Murrell
over 30 days ago

Decision was made purely on genre. It has a great Englishness about it. The comment about Dury was a complement. Keep going.

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