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I was just informed that I didn't have a location listed....oops! That's now changed and you can see I'm in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

About Wednesday

Wednesday Jones is no stranger to the music industry. Her first CD , "Calling Card" (Wendy Jones Merkley) earned airplay in Canada, the United States, Northern Europe and Australia, as well as one song being featured as an MP3 hit.

Wednesday then put music aside to immerse herself in her gift of healing (First Nations Traditional). Her father is Plains Cree and she is in the healing line.

Now Wednesday is back in the music saddle, after having studied sufficiently with medicine people and Hawaiian Kahunas. And, she's gone to her family's nickname for her and her maiden name. Healing is still at the forefront but music is part of her soul. She writes hoping people will cover her tunes, she's not an 'upfront' person anymore.

Her new songs usually contain something spiritual, though not in the convention of New Age. Some songs arise out of a period when she was homeless for three years. She is also a Two-Spirit (Native Indian term for gay) and likes to address the issue because of so many gay teens killing themselves because of bullying.

Wednesday lived on Bowen Island, B.C. for 25 years but now makes her home in Vancouver, B.C..

Wednesday is happy to have discovered Broadjam!


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Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Wednesday Jones

Wednesday my Child. You is God's Child, as am I. May God cause His light to shine upon you, and make you merry and bright. Be the Light. Old Nick

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Wednesday Jones
over 30 days ago

Thanks, Nick!!!

Julie Vik
over 30 days ago to Wednesday Jones

well thank you ma'am for the stellar review of Hold Back the Day. It's a hard tune to get right, considering the gravitas

John Evans
over 30 days ago to Wednesday Jones

Hi Wednesday, thanks for the glowing review of 'Ridgeway Glovers Lament' , really glad you loved it. It comes from my concept album 'Eagle' . Thanks also for recommending me to Vik. Good luck and thanks again.

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