I've been fortunate to have been involved in music on many different levels. Started singing at a very young age, studied trumpet for a short time before falling for an electric guitar and Northwest Rock and Roll. Sang in numerous choirs and small groups, formed my own folk groups and rock bands back in the '60's and '70's and studied classical and jazz guitar and voice. I've been writing music since the early '60's , received my BFA from Cornish in 1984 in music, with an emphasis on Jazz. The last few years I've been working on my songwriting chops and have enjoyed some success in that field. More info on my bios page.


Latest News

Life With Blurred Vision made Washington top 10 at #1
7 top tens on 9/7/22

11/08/2022.  A couple of recent comments from a pro reviewer:  " Bill Dake is writing future Jazz standards.  Turn down the lights and turn up the volume to this wonderful retro nostalgic classic jazz vocal and dance with the love of your life."
" Bill Dake's smooth jazz songs are destined to be heard in lounges, bars, nightclubs and casinos around the world."

"Speed of Life" has been #1 on the Rock-Easy Listening chart for a month. ( Oct/Nov 2022)
"Looney Toons" is #3 on Rock -Easy Listening Chart 11/19/22

Recent pro reviewer comment:  "Bill Dake is a Rembrandt of lyricists...he paints vivid colorful wordscapes that will touch the imagination of his lucky listeners..."
"Polka Dot Blue" #1 Production-Mixed Vocals and 3 other top 10's
"First Light On The Prairie" #4 on Jazz- Contemporary top 10

2022 Song Door Results

Maybe It's Love was seriously considered as a finalist.
Huntin' In The Dark received a special recognition.
Mostly Blue, I Really Love Your Mind and New Dog, Old Tricks received honorable mentions.

2021 SongDoor International Song

"Mostly Blue" received a special recognition and honorable mention.
"Mean Dreams" received an honorable mention.
"Polka Dot Blue" received an honorable mention.

2020 SongDoor International Song

"Maybe" was seriously considered for a finalist.
"Had My Fill" and "Huntin' In The Dark" were awarded special recognition and honorable mentions.
"Motivator" was awarded a special recognition also as an honorable mention.

2019 SongDoor International Song

"Before My Fall" was a finalist.
"Caramel & Cream" was seriously considered for a finalist.
"It Must Be Raining" received a special recognition honorary mention.
"Chainsaw Weather" received an honorary mention.

2016 Awards:

5 for 5 in the 2016 SongDoor International Songwriting Contest. "Caramel and Cream" was seriously considered for a finalist in the soft rock category. "Chainsaw Weather" received a special mention and "Touch Down" and Papa Don't Mind" received honorable mentions.
"Money Can't" received a special mention in the instrumental category.

2015 awards:

10 songs made the list in the 2015 SongDoor International Songwriting Contest: " Life With blurred Vision" was a finalist in the instrumental category. "In The Gardens Of Mrs. B" and "First Light On The Prairie", received honorable mentions (instrumentals)."Mostly Blue" and "Rise Again" were seriously considered for finalists in soft rock. "Getaway", "Polka Dot Blue", "Time Travelin'",and "Speed of Life" all received special mentions. "Northern Climes" received an honorable mention. "Rise Again" also received an honorable mention in the Christian music category.


Unpigeoholable. Is that a word? If not, it should be. Bill's music fit's into many different genres and categories. A singer/songwriter/composer, his musical influences range from classical to pop, rock to jazz, blues to fusion, folk to choral music. His songs have been compared to those by; Randy Newman, Mose Allison, James Taylor, Bozz Skaggs, The Manhatten Transfer, Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, Nora Jones, Kenny Rankin, Allman Brothers, and even Cole Porter.

A 1985 graduate (cum laude) of the Cornish Institute, Bill's main focus was Jazz composition, guitar and voice.

Bill's tunes have received great reviews and have placed well in many song contests:
2005: "Caramel and Cream" was among the top five finalists in the Country category of the Great American Song Contest
2007: "Mostly Blue", Honorable Mention in the SongDoor competition.
2008: "In The Gardens Of Mrs. B", Finalist in the SongDoor Competition. "Scorcher", Honorable Mention in the SongDoor Competition
2009: "Maybe", "Baby Said Bye, Bye", and "Polka Dot Blue", received Honorable Mentions, and "Think It's Time" received a Special Honorable mention
2010:"The Girl Who Saved Me", finalist. "Motivator", and "Doomed",Honorable Mentions. SongDoor Competition. "Caramel and Cream", finalist in GASC.
2011: "Papa Don't Mind" honorable mention."Waitin' For A Sign" and "Semi-Sweet" recieved special recognition. "Think It's Time" was seriously considered as a finalist.(SongDoor)
2012 SongDoor: 9 for 9. "In The Gardens of Mrs. B." was a finalist in the instrumental category and "Olympic was an Honorable Mention with special recognition. "PHD" and "Speed of Life" received Honorable mentions with special recognition and "Little Journey", "In The Beginnig", "Life Goes On", "Carolina Moon",and "Time Travelin'" all were Honorable mentions.

9 for 9 in the 2014 SongDoor International Songwriting Contest. "Rise Again was considered as a finalist, "Wide Eyed Child", "Short Story", "Speed of Life" and "First Light on the Prairie" all received special mentions. "Same Old", "Strange fruit", "Turtleneck" and "I Think of You" all were honorable mentions.

Approached to do an album of his tunes for a New York Jazz label.

Bill is currently working on new songs and instrumentals to be released later this year.

You can contact Bill at: billdake.com or, BDCON11@aol.com or wmjdake@aol.com
or phone:206-949-8348


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Bill "I think of You" is a winner really. Have you placed this yet? Pat

1 Replies
Bill Dake
over 30 days ago

Thanks Pat,
Haven't placed anything through Bjam. I'm working with some producers/libraries for some sync work...looks promising, but nothing yet. Hoping to get some positive results before I leave this planet.


over 30 days ago to Bill Dake

Hey Bill....love this tune ( "Chain Saw Weather")!!....it's the first I've put in a playlist!!!!...Love what you're doing!!!!...Keep on rockin!!!!

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to Bill Dake

Hello Bill, and Merry Christmas. Thanks for the review on the Whining song. We have all 7 grandkids with us this Christmas, and fortunately, there has been no whining! Here is our family Christmas card poem...enjoy!
www.mrskate.com/post/the-carpenter- family-christmas-card-2023
Your friend in Music,
Mrs. Kate

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