Mitch Siegal is an artist and musician that resides in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.
He has been compared to Oasis, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls and Green Day.
His artwork reflects his passion for music and nature. Specifically Monarch butterflies as he raises and releases them year round.
Keeping up with the Kardashians, Mitch Siegal Radio on Pandora, MTV, Skindred CD credit, Finalist UK Songwriting Competition, Winner Broadjam Challenge 30 sec. Commercial,
Dallas Songwriting Competition,
Yamaha International Music Production Contest, Songs of Love Foundation,
Placed #1 in the Overall Earth category on Broadjam
Chosen for the Art of Men compilation CD (Warrior Girl Music productions) 08.

Recording Magazine Listings 07-08 for songs "The Beautiful End" and "Cherry Sno-Cone"

Palm Beach Post 06 write up for Sounds Of Summer
Sunfest in South Florida 06 and 07,
The Mint in LA 09




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Playing live at Spotos Oyster bar and Downtown at the Gardens from 7-10 pm.


Oasis, Blue October, Weezer, Dandy Warhols Green Day, Beatles, Chris Isaak, Stereophonics, Temper Trap, The Feeling, the killers


Mitch Siegal

Mitch Siegal is an extremely versatile musician and artist residing in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The artwork is influenced by his passion for raising and releasing Monarch butterflies. The pieces he creates are inspired by his musical background and convey the absolute freedom and liberation of the butterfly once they take flight for the very first time. There are moments in life that we get to experience bliss, releasing a newly born butterfly from your own two hands is one of them.

The Type of music produced ranges from soft to hard rock and is solely created by him. Mitch has been compared to bands such as Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day Blue October, and the Killers.

Credits: Keeping up with the Kardashians season 10 episode 12 Moons over Montana, Mitch Siegal Radio on Pandora, MTV Licensed 3 songs, Skindred CD Credit , Semi Finalist UK Songwriting Competition 07, Winner Broadjam Challenge 30 sec. Commercial 06, Honorable Mention Dallas Songwriting Competition 06, Yamaha International Music Production Contest 4th place 05, Recording Contract with Songs of Love Foundation 06, Placed #1 in the overall category on Broadjam Earth for 6 straight weeks, earning him the most downloaded musician.
Signed on Indie label Warrior Girl for compilation album. 08

In His spare time, Mitch not only writes for but fund raises money for the Songs of Love Foundation in NY city. This wonderful foundation has created over 25,000 personalized songs for very sick children all over the country.

Newspapers & Magazines:

Recording Magazine Listings in the Nov, Dec 07 issues and Jan -April 08 issues for songs "The Beautiful End" and "Cherry Sno-Cone"

Palm Beach Post Newspaper 06 write up for Sounds Of Summer

Venues Played: Sunfest in South Florida 06 and 07 Spotos Oyster bar, Tiki Bar & grill, Wine Styles, Sabor Habana, The Mint in LA

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Member of Performing Artist Group (BMI)


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Anxious Rabbit
over 30 days ago to Mitch Siegal


Chris Landi
over 30 days ago to Mitch Siegal

Hi Mitch, we had messaged a good while back. Was just listening to your songs.. just one great after another. You are the real deal. Glad I have access to it. Thanks, Chris.

5 Replies
Mitch Siegal
over 30 days ago

you are so welcome Chris and thank you for all the 5 star reviews my friend! got a new one coming out soon called all the answers, would love to hear your thoughts.

Chris Landi
over 30 days ago

Can't wait to hear it, I'm sure I already know my thoughts on it, as I've yet to hear one song that I did not love. So very impressive.

Chris Landi
over 30 days ago

Hi Mitch, I can't say why it took me so long, but I just listened to the new song All The Answers.. as always I just love what you do, it's all perfect, I'm a big fan. Do you record by yourself? Thanks for the goods Mitch, Chris

Mitch Siegal
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much Chris, I have so much to be grateful for this year as a new venture has lead me to writing a children's book called Eau and the rainbow. Currently the first version is on Amazon and the second updated version will be published nationally this year. Once that is completed I will return to releasing my 4th album called So Lucky. To date, only one track has been released called Save Me.
I hope to hear from you and as always such a pleasure connecting with you.
Your friend,

Chris Landi
over 30 days ago

That's great, I just looked it up and saw it on Amazon. Good for you, I'm glad things have been well, it's deserved. Chris

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Mitch Siegal

Mitch Siegal, just heard your tune, "Little Town", Great song, you sound a lot like Steve Miller on this song!! 5 Stars & Likes!
You need to hear the song we just recently put on Broad Jam, "Tennessee Nights", has the same flavor lyrically of your's!
Stay Safe,
The Corey's............

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