John Gerard is an artist primarily dedicated to writing and producing music is several different genres. Jazz is his most predominant genre, but fusions of several other styles is not unknown to him. He has contracts with six different publishers and regularly has music supervisors plug his songs and music cues to film and television.

He uses artists and vocalists for specific songs requiring expertise and talent for specific genres. Amy Harvey is an exceptional jazz singer (though she exceptional in other styles). She has brought her talent to several of John Gerard's songs and she has received strong complements from several music producers and executives that have listened to her performance on "Fallin' Out of Love" and "Dapper."

Latest News

The song, "Fallin' out of Love" was just selected by "Women of Substance Radio" for airplay. Fallin' out of Love features Amy Harvey as the artist and she does a magnificent vocal performance in making the "lounge jazz" song come alive.


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Hi John,
Thank you for the *****'s, on Junior Murrell's fine song, "Set Your Heart Free"; we appreciate your support!

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Thank you too for Stawberry Moon's rating. Great voice, Cyndi. You sing with passion.

Cyndi Corkran
over 30 days ago

Thanks again, John, for your thoughts...:)

Thank you for the 5 stars!

Hey John! Thanks for the kind words on "Gretel". Hope one of our songs gets used!

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Delima Marker
over 30 days ago

Really nice music you have played

Thanks Delima. I tried to go to your site by clicking on your name but I got an error message saying that the page could not be found.

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