Kidd Havok play their own brilliant type of Extreme/Skid Row type street sleaze metal with axe work that sends shivers down your spine. Other comparisons go to Dirtyworks, Bad 4 Good, Hericane Alice, Dirty Rhythm, Slik Toxik, Slash Puppet, Sven Gali and Lillian Axe. All in all, to me this is perfectly crafted hair metal and over time, may even go down as a classic hair metal album.
Every song on this album is a winner, how many albums can you say that about?

David Moors

Kidd Havok Bio 2008

Kidd Havok is a band comprising four very talented musicians: Scot Marcs on guitar, Tommy Pinello on bass, Rob Barone on drums and Johnny B. on lead vocals. Formed in the fall of 1989 by Scot and Johnny, the Kidds went though several member changes over the next few years. Due to a powerful live show and a strong web presence the band has gained a considerable following in both the US and Overseas. The band was featured in Metal Edge , LiveWire , Powerline and Metalized magazines. In 2007 SunCity Records released Roll The Dice to a worldwide audience.

Kidd Havok

Johnny B. (The Voice) is the consummate showman. His on-stage energy and presence are unmatched as he assures each member has a goodtime. He renders soulful and rocking vocals in the vain of Tyler/Roth/Gillin.

Scot Marcs (Guitar/Vocals) has received many critical write ups in national magazines from previous touring experience along the East Coast, and was a 2004 Guitarmageddon Regional Runner up. Scot's playing is a delicate balance between raw feeling and modern technique. Live shows are simply a showcase for his talents.

Rob Barone (Drums/Vocals) refuses to be the unseen member behind his kit. His charismatic attitude is captured in his performances as he lays down a beat that is,
undeniably consistent and full of force.

Tommy Pinello (Bass/Vocals) truly provides the backbone for Kidd Havok music. It's easy to see that he saves all his aggressions for his bass during a live set, as he pounds out soild bass lines which capture the intensity of the band and its music.

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