I learned early on, that; 'some people will like one thing, while others like another. Everyone has different tastes. The key to 'Kizzotainment' is; I love what I do, and I don't mind putting in work. I also believe in my talent, and I have a willingness to grow. I keep my lyrics clean.

I am a songwriter first, with the ability to write to the compliment others.

Although we are required to enter the name of artists we sound like; it is not my belief that I sound like the artists listed. Some of the style of writing and performing that I do are along those styles, however; each artist has his/her own style and sound. With that in mind;

I sometimes pattern my style of  writing in the style of that of BabyFace. The flow of my songs are sometimes compared to Joe, Bryan McKnight, and Maxwell. Depending on the song, it may even have a Kanyé, or Ryan Leslie flow. A Pro Reviewer here on broadjam compared to my music to that of the Motown Legends, su

Sounds Like: Usher, Pharrell Williams

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(Read the latest Magazine Feature) Get to know Kizzo

The Newly 2022 Released album titled, Show Goes On (SGO 3.0) /Floater is doing quite well. It has been requested by radio DJs who identifies Red Pill as a Love Ballard.

The album can be found on all streaming platforms. Each track represents, Kizzotainment, as each has it's on vibe. 

Nominated for R&B songwriter of 2021 * JAA

Nominated Best Songwriter 2020 * ZBT AWARDS

The song title 'Get Together' hit #1 on FiveStar Pro DJ's Top 25 and remains on its charts as of today. 

https://soundcloud.com/fivestarpro/sets/april-rhythm-soul-monthly-top Get Together also ranked an additional four times in the DJ's Hot 5 list

Pro Review from: Roy Hamilton II

Pro's Comments: Hey Charles, I think this song has potential to make it onto radio and some film placements but I would need to be re-produced to meet sound quality standards. You remind me of some of the great Motown artists like Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye. I think the instruments sound way to programed and synthetic and if you use some live musicians it would bring a whole new life to the recording. I'd love to discuss this and possibly help you to produce it. My email is workingwithroy@gmail.com. Possibly a live guitar and bass would be a nice start to balance it out and add a more soulful feeling. I love the lyrics overall and the message is very timely.


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Kevin Walker
over 30 days ago to Charles 'KIZZO' Kizzee

Kizzo, Thank you so much for the 5-Star rating on "Remember The Days"". It's nice to be recognized by a talented artist like yourself!

Thanks for your kind review of "Adrift". I appreciate your perspective! 5-Stars to "Get Together" and "Close". Nice work!

Hi Charles! Thanks for the kind words on "Snowy Mountain Stream". Cool Bio! Catnip Pat

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