Hi, my stage name is Vi.  I’m an award winning mountaintoper yet to craft his MonaLisa.  

I provide services in scoring, engineering, demo production, and stock music creation.


Sounds Like: Newman, Glass, McCreary, Horner, Quayle,, Neely, Reznor, Clouser, Goldsmith, Elfman

Latest News

Best Instrumentalist 2015 6 Pack International Contest
Finals Winner 2016-17 6 Pack International Song Writing Competition.
Nominated for Best Score, Nice 2018 International Film Festival.
COSIS Remix winner 2019


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Swift Timmy
over 30 days ago to Vi: 00110110

Thanks for the 5 Star rating for Clone!



Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Vi: 00110110

Hey Nate! Hope all is well. Great build on the pinch of love tune sir, dig it !
Stay safe,

2 Replies
Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago

Thank you sir!

Bob Mau
over 30 days ago

you're welcome Sincerely Bob Mau

Good to hear these sounds from A! Keep On Truckin! P.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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