RHYTHM AND THE METHOD is a southern California-based band specializing in original music that is in a genre all its own. The band had its beginnings in San Diego, where the dreams and visions of Rhythm Turner came into fruition. There she was joined by five talented and accomplished musicians who share the same passion as she does: making music that moves people. Together, RHYTHM AND THE METHOD skillfully blend sounds of rock, blues and funk to create a unique, revolutionary sound. Their desire to spread positive messages and evoke emotion is exemplified in their powerful lyrics, well-developed musicianship, and captivating stage presence.

Rhythm Turner

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums

Born in San Diego October 4th 1983, Rhythm Turner always knew her mission as a musician and performer. She grew up in a musical family, and would play on buckets as her father played guitar. Music and art coursed through her viens and could be found everywhere in her invironment thanks to her loving and creative parents. She picked up a few chords on guitar, but was very much drawn to the percussive rhythm instruments. She began playing concert percussion at Spring Valley Middle School, as well as marching and concert drums for the lay-buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International. By the 8th grade she started playing drums for a punk band trio called Blind Turtle.

Shortly after she turned 16, she auditioned for several giging bands to no avail. She was too young to play the bar scene. Regardless, Rhythm pressed on, playing second bass drum for Mount Miguel High School, then center snare for Monte Vista High School's drumline. As she grew and progressed in both poetry and music, she began a progresive, experimental fusion band with her brother, Evan, and another high school mate, which they called Itai Doshin (many in body, one in mind).

Finally Rhythm found steady work playing and working for a southern-rock band called The Elijah Clark Band. It was then when she picked the guitar back up and began dicovering she could sing and write her own songs. Rhythm took the lead and began her own project, backed by her father, Papa Shawn, and Evan, Rhythm and the Method was born. After a slew of bass players, drummers, and accompianists, Rhythm and the Method finally found the perfect pieces to the puzzle, Lisa Viegas, Laura Payne, and Nick Chowda. Currently Rhythm and the Method is proving to be a fast growing, sucessfull, and passionate endeavor which Rhythm couldn't be more proud of. To this day she is expanding her knowledge and understanding by studying music theory, afro-cuban percussion, and piano at Grossmont College in San Diego. Rhythm Turner is forever dedicated to a life of creating music to affect change in the world.

Evan B

Lead Guitar

Evan Benjamin Turner was born into a family rich in a passion for the arts. His parents always encouraged him to follow his dreams and fight for what he believed in.

Evan had an early interest in music. As far back as he can remember there were always the sounds of classic rock and Latin rhythms playing on the radio. Evan was fascinated by the effect music had on ones emotions and the way that music was able to shape a generation and change the world throughout the 60's and 70's. Most of his influences come from the classic rock era bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin are all time favorites, bands he says are "timeless".

In elementary school Evan was involved in an acting program called Yung Stars. For three years he acted and sang in various musicales. He developed a strong bond with the arts, music and acting was something that came naturally to Evan unlike most of his other classes where he was constantly given "special" attention. In the 6th grade Evan joined the school concert band playing the saxophone. He stuck with the band all through middle school excelling from the intermediate to the advanced then to the symphonic band. His teacher Mr. Ring was a charismatic educator, some times in a manic sense, which inspired Evan to take music seriously and to push himself to the limit. In 7th grade he helped start a guitar club at his school with one of the PE teachers. As captain of the club he gained valuable experience, learning wile teaching and helping people discover the joys of playing an instrument. Still Evans grades where failing and he was socially promoted rather than repeat another year.

At 14 Evan played in an experimental fusion rock band with his sister Rhythm, exploring, writing and jamming with other musicians with the support of his father who had played in bands in the 70s. At this time he discovered his mission, to be a professional musician and spread a message to the world. He believes that through music we can bring about change that can transcend all boundaries.

Throughout high school Evan was in and out of trouble, ditching class and slaking on his home work. He would find refuge in the music room helping out with the drum corps and the marching band. The music in high schools, he felt was "always under funded and under appreciated". With the help of the band teacher (Mrs. Thompson) he began a guitar class teaching 20+ students all his piers. Evan remarks "teaching a class like that was the hardest thing I have ever done, I almost lost it once or twice, a valuable experience none the less". The class continued after Evan dropped out of school at the end of his junior year.

Soon after high school Evan earned his GED and began working in various jobs and helping his father do sound at the "Hot Monkey Love", a live music venue in San Diego. Also he began playing in a band with his sister and father that came to be named Rhythm and the Method. Many musicians came and went, even Evan himself took a short break. But finally they reformed with three musicians that had the passions and conviction to push the project to the next level. Now with new determination Evan plans to help take the band to new heights, using the music to reach the youth and encourage them to follow there dreams and fight for what they believe in.

Laura Payne

Laura Payne was born with a great love for music. She began her musical journey at the age of 9 through classical guitar training. The love of learning and playing music continued through to her teenage years, when rock n roll became the main focus. She obtained her first electric guitar and amp at 14 and started learning how to rock from influences such as Heart, Joan Jett, The Cars, Aerosmith, etc. At 18, Laura joined her first rock band as a bassist purely out of necessity because no one else wanted to play bass at that time. Laura fell in love with the instrument since that moment on and has been driven to continuously learn and improve her skills. She has been involved in many different music projects across Rock, Blues, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Big Band, Bossa Nova, etc. Some of the bands include: Misbehaven, Luna, The Limit, Roam, 1621, Basement Blues Band, Stylz, Color Scheme, Quirktet, Anything that Moves and Kitten with a Whip. While living in the Seattle area, Laura acquired an upright bass and took lessons to improve her knowledge of this instrument as well as solidify her sight-reading skills.

Outside of music, Laura holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Electronics Technology. Her contributions in the Information technology industry include: Building a world-wide knowledge community, Co-designing a knowledge management system from the ground up, presenting knowledge management concepts to thousands, and writing technical papers/chapter contributions in published books.

Although Laura has taken brief hiatus from playing in bands to spend time with family and build her computer career here and there, music has always stayed close to her heart and her dreams. She's now back into the music she loves 120% ever since meeting and performing with Rhythm Turner by chance at a Community Center event in February 2007, then auditioning with Rhythm and the Method a few days afterward. It was a perfect fit from the get-go: musically, personally, and professionally. Laura's passion now consists of playing, recording and sharing great music which reaches the masses alongside the best bandmates she's ever known - the talented musicians of Rhythm and the Method

Papa Shawn

Papa Shawn is a California native that spent his early childhood living in many areas between San Diego and L.A. In his early teens his folks relocated to Auburn, just east of Sacramento. It was there that he discovered his passion for the Arts. During his high school years he was involved in many artistic endeavors including, the school choir and several drama and musical productions. At the age of 15 years, with the help and encouragement of his grandmother, he received his first guitar. Spending many hours every day in his room he finally felt ready to share his new found love. At that point he began performing in various musical groups as well. In 1970 Shawn came back to San Diego to work in the shipyards and continue performing any chance he got. By 1976 he had formed a band called "Back to the Woods Hoods" which played original music around the SD area.

In 1978 while playing a gig in Hillcrest, Shawn met the future mother of his children. "It was love at first sight." By 1980 they were married. A few years latter there were two beautiful children and Shawn decided to keep the music at home. Rhythm and Evan showed interest in music at a very early age as they were exposed to a wide variety of artists. By the early teens their drive to perform was already in place.

It was in year 2001 that Shawn made a determination to get back into the music scene thinking that playing some open mics would be fun. As fate would have it he ended up joining forces with a new all age performance venues called the "Hot Monkey Love Café" where he supplies the sound and support for many of the young developing artists in San Diego. Among these artists were his own children. In 2004 he was invited to join his daughter and son to form a band. "Rhythm and the Method" was born. The rest, as they say is history. Papa Shawn says" I'm the happiest dad on earth when playing with my children and they want me to be there. What more could a parent want?"

Nick "Chowda"

Nick "Chowda" was born in San Diego, CA, but you would never know it by his thick Boston accent. Chowda's Chicago-style blues harmonica is just one of the key ingredients to the recipe that makes Rhythm and the Method a unique group. Influenced heavily by blues harp greats, such as Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson and Paul Butterfield, Chowda's passion for blues and excitable personality shine through both his music and stage presence.

Chowda has a profound connection to the harmonica pioneers that have come before him, and he feels a great responsibility in representing and building on the foundations they have laid down. In other words, Chowda won't rest until he takes his rightful place in the next generation of blues harp players.

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