Barry Osbourn is an independent songwriter and musician with 35 years experience honing his craft. He has played in several bands and toured extensively throughout the 90's. He was signed to A&M records for a brief period and played over 900 live shows in this time. Opened for many big acts such as Dave Matthews, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Wide Spread Panic to name a few. He is currently creating instrumental music for the purpose of licensing in a variety of genres. His primary instruments are guitar and bass but he does stumble around the keyboards as well to achieve many of the other sounds in his recordings.

Sounds Like: Variety, R&B / country / blues / rock

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Well. I'm Back. Sometime last January or so I decided I needed to up my game so I logged off and went back to the drawing board. I remixed and remastered and updated instrumentation on all my existing material and wrote about 40 new songs. So EVERYTHING on my page is either new or improved. For those interested, two of the things I realized were wrong with my previous mixes were the drums, they weren't loud enough, and my EQ, I was being too timid with the higher ranges .


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Kevin Winkel
over 30 days ago to Barry Osbourn

Thanks Barry for reviewing "Morning Rain". I truly appreciate your kind words!

Nigel Barrett
over 30 days ago to Barry Osbourn

Hey Barry thanks for the review of my tune Tamara - appreciate it. You're spot on with your summary of the overall feel being very digital - I have almost no equipment save for a Korg synth - but it's fun trying. Thanks again.

Barry! Thanks for the review of "Gonna Be On Time"!
I've made enough bucks to retire since 1986 on this song! Best! Catnip=+=

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