Imagine a world in music where genres come together. A world where you feel the beat that gives you no choice but to move. (pop) A world where you feel the joy or the sorrow. (r/b) A world where you hear the perfect combination of instruments and vocals (rock) Earth is a mixing pot. Sounds from all over the globe are coming together. That world does exist and I found it. I'm Bruce Smith. Sit back, relax as I give you an experience!!! A world where genres sing in harmony!!

Sounds Like: Michael Jackson, Neyo

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Square One is featured in ASCAP Experience Magazine and playlist: (page 5):


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over 30 days ago to bsmithmj

Thank you for the stars on Our Time Is Now. Much appreciated. Jay

Anxious Rabbit
over 30 days ago to bsmithmj

Hey,..thank you very kindly for all the Stars on "Everything". Cheers Tim K.

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