CJ Borden brings together her passion of songwriting with a broad spectrum of pop and electronica influenced rock & country styles. She's performed at numerous venues including the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville TN.

Her songs have been licensed through PumpAudio and Broadjam for independent movies, MTV, CBS, and other major cable networks. She has had a number of Top 10 songs on independent artist websites as well as the Broadjam Charts.

Latest News

"I Hate California" continues to stay in Broadjam top 10 chart
with numerous plays on independent rock radio. Check it out!

"Wicked Acts" used in year in review for the L.A. Dodgers baseball team sports program!

"Daddy's Money" used in CMT's Bounty Hunters episode!

"21st Century Fox" country instrumental to be licensed for background track in indie Canadian movie, release TBD.


CJ Borden has a one track mind. The singer/songwriter has remained faithful to the call of a career in music since she was a young child.

The California native was making up songs and rhymes when she was a youngster. That love for music followed her through high school and college.

CJ moved to Nashville and became an active part of the songwriting community, performing at local songwriting hangouts like the world famous Bluebird Cafe.She also performed regionally at fairs and other events.

"A lot of that stuff was happening during those first years in Nashville," CJ says. "I know now that some of my early songs were awful but it definitely was a growing, maturing and learning about the business process."

"I hear stories all the time about other songwriters, like it took Diane Warren 14 years to have a hit," CJ says. "When I hear stories from people who have made it, and they tell me it doesn't happen over night, it's helped me to stay in there and not give up."

The singer/songwriter admits there are times when she gets frustrated but her love for music keeps her going. She believes music is a powerful tool that moves people and touches them in their daily life. "It can make you laugh or cry, bring you joy or sadness. There's always music to everything we do - weddings, funerals, memorial services, birthday parties. You always remember the song that's associated with major things that happen to you, I feel like it's a way for people to express themselves when they aren't sure how to do it otherwise.

"When I write, I try to feel life -- what I've seen other people go through and how they've handled it - and write it in a way that will help people express their feelings to others. Music helps us and that's what I enjoy about it.... it's my creative out."

"I just know that this is where I'm supposed to be in my life. I feel like I've been created to do it -- it's the desire of my heart to be a songwriter. I know it's a matter of getting the right song to the right person at the right time. That's why I'm going to keep doing everything I know to do and keep pursuing it as best I can and then I'll know I tried my best."


Tony DiPofi
over 30 days ago to CJ Borden

Hi CJ Borden Really enjoyed your songs - such emotion in your beautiful voice - Tony DiPofi

Douglas Amell
over 30 days ago to CJ Borden

Thank you CJ for your kind comments and 5-star rating for Away From It All. Much appreciated :-)

The LovePops
over 30 days ago to CJ Borden

CJ. Loved I Hate California. So do I. The mean streets of LA compare to the means streets of MIA. Be Free where you are. and Be the Love! - LovePop

1 Replies
CJ Borden
over 30 days ago

Hey Thanks for 5 stars! I might hate Cali, but I love Florida :)

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