Step into the electrifying world of EDM with the dynamic trio known as Ambassadors of Good Frequency, comprising the esteemed DJ Dr. Wattz and the captivating Ladi Jenn. Together, they ignite dancefloors and captivate audiences with their infectious beats, innovative sounds, and boundless energy.


DJ Dr. Wattz, a visionary in the world of electronic music, brings his unparalleled expertise and passion for sound to every performance. With his masterful mixing skills and instinctive ability to read the crowd, he creates unforgettable experiences that leave audiences craving more.


Ladi Jenn, a rising star in the EDM scene, enchants listeners with her magnetic stage presence and dynamic vocal performances. Her soulful voice and electrifying energy elevate every track, infusing it with emotion and intensity that resonates long after the music stops.


As Ambassadors of Good Frequency, DJ Dr. Wattz and L

Sounds Like: Skrillex, DJ Mustard


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Hey new friend, thanks for the stars on my only kinda old school rap You Have It All, it's been on some of those charts for months it seems and for a folk/rock guy I'm happy with it and glad you liked it sir!

Gratitude 4 the stars king.ðŸ'

Hi thx for the stars on Magic of Music. Glad you liked it

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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