Fat, Happy and Blue is a song collective which formed in 2009 to create songs for their new Blues CD, Surreal Memphis Blue.

It is comprised of Tony Laviola, Louise Peacock and Tony Quarrington

Louise Peacock wrote all the songs - Words and Lyrics - Tony Laviola and she spent almost 2 years working on those songs, tweaking and improving them - when they were down to 25 songs, they got verent composer/songwriter/multiinstrumentalist Tony Quarrington involved. Tony Q and Tony L had been good friends for a number of years, so working together was easy - Louise was the "newbie" but they made her feel very much at home. In February 09 the three of them continued the whittling down process ....they finally cut the songs down to 15.

The 2 tonys proceeded to work on the songs from the arranging and instrumental side. Once that part was done - Louise re-entered the frey and they finalized the material and were ready to record.

Latest News

I'm very excited to say that Surreal Memphis Blue went to No. 1 in the Blues genre, and at no. 2 - Big Belly Blues. They held that position all day Christmas Eve and all of Christmas day - at www.acidplanet.com - there's a fair amount of competition there, so we are pretty pleased about this.

Tony Quarrington Bio

The jazz guitarist and composer received great critical acclaim - uniformly glowing reviews - for his October 1999 release 'ONE BRIGHT MORNING' (Cordova Bay 0192), which featured stellar performances not only by the leader, but by such noted jazz soloists as Bernie Senensky and Kirk MacDonald. People seemed to notice particularly the South African groove-piece 'Savannah', with its rolling lines and hypnotic rhythms, and the unusual treatment of Monk's 'Round Midnight' (as a fast samba!). The album actually charted, albeit briefly, on campus and community radio. And on the strength of this release, TONY appeared at several Ontario jazz festivals (Toronto Du Maurier Downtown Jazz, Hillebrand Winery, Markham Jazzfest, Guelph Jazz Festival) and at innumerable local clubs
( Whistler's, Quigley's, Gate 403, Charlotte Room, Manhattan's, Graffiti's, Windsor Arms).
He worked, both as producer and guitarist, on a recording with jazz piano luminary Joanne Brackeen. He became busier as a producer following his 1999 Juno win ( for Roots Album 'Heartstrings' by Willie P. Bennett). He also produced, and played on, a new project for singer Daisy DeBolt, which featured Jane Bunnett, Phil Dwyer, and Dave Restivo, among others. He also continues to work with specialty bands like Mike Scott's HAWAIIANAIRES, and the YIDDISH SWINGTET, with Jonno Lightstone and Jordan Klapman.

He also found time in 2000 to record a new album, 'DEEP RIVER' (Cordova Bay 0222). 'Sixteen months had gone by since the sessions of 'ONE BRIGHT MORNING'. The new CD features 2002 Juno-winner Pat LaBarbera on tenor and soprano sax, with his long-time band mates Neil Swainson on bass, and Greg Pilo on drums. On four numbers, the quartet is augmented by keyboard giant Doug Riley (Hammond B-3 and Fender Rhodes piano). Seven of the nine selections are original- blues, Latin grooves, and 'rhythm' tunes - and the two others are a solo guitar treatment of the standard, 'Old Devil Moon', and a re-worked version of the Afro-American spiritual "Deep River", which gives the collection its name. This is profound and swinging music: it is both a musical, and a human, statement.

In 2001 Tony fulfilled another dream - he was able to record his eight-part work, GROUP OF SEVEN SUITE, which had actually been composed ten years earlier. The tunes try to present musical analogues to particular canvases by the famous Group, and Tony was able to assemble a cast of Canadian jazz all-stars for the session, including Jane Bunnett, Kirk MacDonald, John MacLeod, Brian Dickinson, Don Thompson, and Barry Romberg. These fine musicians were joined by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Bird, of the Cowboy Junkles, and pop diva Jane Siberry, who sang the Suite's one vocal. The album ranges through a wide variety of jazz, rock, and roots grooves, and features dazzling, free-wheeling improvisations from the players. A further level is added by sound effects, both recordings of natural sounds, and those produced via physical devices by Jeff Bird. CBC Records picked up the Suite for its new jazz label, and it was released by them in December 2002. In 2004 Tony was able to stage the work live four times at the DISTILLERY JAZZ FESTIVAL..

At about the same time as this recording, Tony began a weekly stint at Toronto's REX JAZZ AND BLUES BAR with the trio SWING STREET, also featuring Ron Davis on piano and Cheung Liu on bass. Ultimately, this gig lasted almost four years, and the trio recorded the independent CD SWING STREET, with guests Kelly Jefferson on tenor sax, and the wonderful Sarah Latendresse on vocals. [Tony also got to do a bit of singing on this recording!] And his most recent release [Nov. 2003] is the soulful HAMMOND GRITS, a collaboration with veteran B-3 organist DENIS KELDIE, which features a rich blend of blues, standards, originals, and another favorite Afro-American Spiritual ['Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child'].
Tonys' website is:

Tony Laviola Bio

Tony Laviola started out hs music career playing Bass in Country bands. He honed his craft until he had mastered a variety of musdical styles including Jazz.

Tony added sight reading to hs skills and joined up with various Jazz musicians, including Tony Quarrington, Bob George and San Murata to play at various venues across the GTA.

Tonys' contribution to Fat, Happy and Blue are both his expertise on the Bass as well as his excellent ear for arrangements.

Louise Peacock Bio

Louise has been involved with music since her early years. The earliest parts being unsuccessful attempts by her parents to get her involved in playing classical piano .... guitar lessons followed piano and once again, the emphasis on classical was not a success.

However, the pop and folk music of the day fascinated her and as time went on she picked up the guitar again and began to write songs.

Fast forward to 2000 and we find Louise actively involved in a wide variety of internet music projects, including a collaboration with U.S. Songwriter Charlie Solack.

In 2006 she got together with Bassist/composer Tony laviola and they wrote the music for and recorded a country CD called Shady Country lanes, which they released Fall 2008.

After spending 2 years working on some Blues material, in January 2009, Tony and Louise enlisted the expertise of Tony Quarrington, long time friend of Tony Laviola, and the three of them began to re-write, arrange and record selected songs for a Blues CD which they have just finished recording and mixing.


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Congratulations on your Ontario Top 10 !

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