FXMS Music Group is production team made up of 3 talented, versatile writers working with a group of artist each in different genres. Hailing from Boston, and tearing it up in LA, we strive to always move up and grow in this industry as well as writers, and artists.

FXMS MG will write or tailor new or existing songs anytime by request, just email us!
(48hr max turnaround)

email - FXMS@live.com

Phone - (978) 478 7731

FXMS Music Group Team

FXMS Music Group

"Music for tomorrow"

One stop shop for artist development, musical production, mixing, writing and engineering since 2009.

FXMS Music is a team made up of four visionaries, writers and creators determined to exceed the quality of todays mainstream music and to capture a broad demographic by targeting all mainstream genre's in music.

Casey Sullivan - Specializes in all areas of mainstream music production which include writing, performing, engineering, mixing and producing. Casey Is a songwriter/guitarist/bassist/pianist/singer/artist.

Michael Sullivan - Specializes in writing pop, R&B, rock and Electro. Michael is a drummer/percussionist/pianist/singer/artist. Michael also has exceptional skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

Jeana Sullivan - Specializes in photography and cinematography. Studied at Emerson college and graduated with a major in journalism and a minor in film. Jeana is a professional editor with skills in Final Cut and PhotoShop.

Chris Ring - Specializes in all that is mainstream and underground Hip Hop and is a professional guitarist with 12 years experience. Chris studied music business at UMASS Lowell and currently has his associates degree.

Over the past 9 months FXMS Music has been in development with these 12 artists.

Artists include:

Anji - female pop/world/Dance

IDAY - Southern Hip Hop/Club

Yung Shellz - Hip-hop/Chopped

Swayzz - Mainstream Hip Hop/Dance

Johnny Briggz - Hip Hop/Electronic/DUB

Lil Bootsy - West Coast Hip Hop

T Hittz - Mainstream Hip Hop/Rap

King Zion - Reggae/Rap/Club

FevaMode - Male Pop/Rock/Electronic

Amanda Rx - Female Mainstream Hip Hop/Pop/Rap

Luci Sotriffer - Female mainstream pop/European pop/world

Laura Washington - Female Pop R&B

Past Artists such as:

Raquel Haughton - Pop/Pop Country/Soul

Harmony Moniz - Dance/Pop/Ballad

Drekken - DUBSTEP

Molly Foote - R&B/Soul/Rock

Kelly Beltran - Pop/Rock/Electronic

Neven Ilic - Male Chilean Pop/Dance/World

Timothy Sullivan - Singer/Songwriter/Folk/Acoustic

Ceeza Caprice - Electronic/Hip Hop


FXMS Music
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