i am a multi instrumentalist who's main instrument is guitar. classical and hard progressive rock are what i am most fluent at. but i also love jazz, pop, and acoustic music. my music is almost always a fusion of several different styles. and i can improvise and create on the spot for any type of situation.


George Michael John
over 30 days ago to gordon chapman

CIS is a killer! Best guitar tone I've heard in a long time and the playing..... WHOA!!!

celebrating a collaboration that is nothing less than number one. thanks GC. . .

Song: Blood in the Sand - Death of the Matador
United States - #1
North America - #1
North Carolina - #1
Broadjam Earth - #1
World - South American - #1
World - #1

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Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago

once in a lifetime. . .

Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago

and, the B'Jam Elevator will have its way
over course an time, meantime
here's (hears) the link

http://www.broadjam.com/songs/PGOmusic/blood-in-the-sand-death-of-the-matador 1

The Spermatochords
over 30 days ago

Congratulations! That song is deserving.

Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago

Gordon Chapman deserves a great deal of credit for this collaboration. I wrote and played opening acoustic segment. then turned over the reins to GC with the motif that a famous matador meets his fate in the bull ring.

Different Moon
over 30 days ago

Cool tune, it really kicked in for me at the 1:01 min mark.

Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago

THX DM. . .

where you been?

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