I come from a family of music lover's, in the Sacramento, CA area. My Dad played the trumpet in the high school band, and then after high school, he went into the air force, and played the trumpet in the air force band. My Mother was a self taught guitar player who always wanted to sing, but said she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. My older brother followed in my Father's footsteps, sort of. That is, he played the trumpet in high school but never took it any further. I was the one my parents spent the time and money on, giving me voice lessons, from Dan Truhitte, ( Rolf from the motion picture The Sound of Music) for about ten years off and on, bought me a piano, and gave me piano lessons. And the rest as they say, is history.

Sounds Like: James Taylor

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I now have four songs downloaded on Broadjam. If anyone is interested in listening, I would appreciate any feedback you could give me. Thank you, in advance and God Bless.


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Frass-Generic ft Rob
over 30 days ago to Doug Mayberry

Hey Doug it' is a blessing from your parents i never get that opportunity. I always wanted a quitar ob a piano but never got one but i try to do my music still

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Doug Mayberry

Hi Doug,
Thanks for a great review of When You Might Need Me, your support is much appreciated and means a lot.
Good luck with your projects,

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Charlie Shock
over 30 days ago

Hey Doug, thank you so much for your very kind review of my song "Crazy for you". I appreciate your time!

Ladee V
over 30 days ago to Doug Mayberry

Thank you for your recent review of my Country Boy instrumental. Actually there are lyrics to this song. Feel free to go on my page and look for the Country Boy song. :)

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