Very few composer/songwriters create in as many distinctly diverse genres as I do. If you want confirmation of this, please listen to at least part of the first 15-20 songs I have uploaded. I think you'll agree!


* Prolific musician/composer/songwriter who creates, performs & records in multiple genres: pop, rock, dance, electronic, classical, New Age, show tunes, children's music & more.

* Classically-trained pianist; former full-time rock musician.

* 3 categories of original songs/music:
1 - Solo instrumental music.
2 - Songs co-written with music partner Judy Calem for our project Paradox Playground.
3 - Songs written by myself or co-written with music partner Jennifer Evans for our project Janaleyo.

* Have had: 22 songs make Broadjam Top 10 lists, with several ranked #1, and 2 holding that position for about 3 months; 6 songs in one Top 10 list at the same time on several occasions; and 4 to 6 songs in a Top 10 list continuously for about 6 months.

Top 10 Success

Over 30 of my songs have made Top 10 charts, and on May 3, 2018, I had 13 different songs on four different Top 10 lists:
Pop/Europop - 6 (1, 2, 5, 8, 9 &10)
Electronic/Dubstep - 3 (2, 3 and 5)
Unique/Children - 3 (5, 6 and 10)
Pop/Dance - 1 (7)

A Few Words About Jim

Jim Beggs is a San Diego-based musician/composer/songwriter. A classically-trained pianist, he also has worked full-time as a touring rock musician. Jim is an extremely prolific creator of music, and his instrumental tracks and songs span a wide variety of genres, including rock, pop, dance, electronic, New Age, classical and children's music. In addition to his expansive library of solo work, Jim has two female singer-songwriter partners (Judy Calem in Paradox Playground and Jennifer Evans in Janaleyo) with whom he continues to write, perform and record new songs. Although many different adjectives could be used to describe his individual tracks, the most common threads would probably be the following: upbeat, melodic, positive, exciting, classically-influenced, mood-evoking, transporting and richly-textured.


Nice work Jim

Very unique, love it!

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Thanks very much -- I appreciate your interest!

Thank you for submitting, we enjoyed the track. At this time our client is looking for something edgier for sports action segments for street skating.

Feel free to look for more opportunities via that fit your genre as more music comes out.

Best of luck,
Pulse Records Submission Dept.

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Thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate your comments on my submission, and definitely look forward to submitting for more of your opportunities.

All the best,
Jim Beggs

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