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Thank you for visiting King of the Road Music. I hope you will either listen to the songs and/or watch and listen to the song videos. They are FREE to listen. There are many fine songs on a variety of meaningful topics. If you want to laugh a goodly number of these songs will make you laugh. Many will make you think and some may make you cry in reflection. There are songs about, love, war and peace, patriotism, breakup, heroes, various sports. One of my songs has been in a major HBO Documentary which won an Emmy. Some of my CD's are in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection. Some lyrics have been printed in major sports books. One is in the Congressional records. I have gotten letters or quotes from the late President George Bush, Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, and so many more individuals from all walks of life. Our company is also a music publisher with BMI and ASCAP. There are other great songs written or co-written or co-written by others such as Peter Prince, George La Flame, and Michael Torre. We hope you will enjoy these songs! Remember FREE to listen. Thank you!


The Horror King

first responders

Natalie Jean
over 30 days ago to Joseph Pickering, Jr.

Hi, your song "He's Not The bad Guy" will air on the 6:00pm EST show on April 5th on The SIM Radio Network - adionetwork/2021/04/05/independents -on-the-rise

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Joseph Pickering, Jr.
over 30 days ago

Thank you Natalie Jean. So, so appreciated. !! Thank you !

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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