Mac-A-Mill is a multi-talented musician, an experienced producer, songwriter, rapper, singer, and engineer. He has been known in the Kansas City Hip Hop & R&B market since 2004. Independently, he and his group known as MacA Ent have performed and released 6+ albums with regional success.

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Mac-A-Mill, born Jeremy Taylor, is a Rapper/Producer/Songwriter from Kansas City, KS. Mac is one of the hardest working underground artists out. He runs MacA Ent, produces music for himself and countless other artists, built and maintains, travels, performs, and so much more. When he was young, his father wanting him to have a healthy hobby, invested in a Casio keyboard and computer software for beginner piano lessons. Mac spent every waking minute singing and playing on that keyboard.

After starting middle school, his best friend Roger "Illuzion" Hill had started to rap with a group of his friends and realized Mac would be a good addition. Illuzion introduced Mac-A-Mill to a program called Fruity Loops. Immediately Mac started learning the program. Overtime his talent grew and Illuzion brought him on as an unofficial member of his group, The Krusial Clique. Mac also had a group with his younger cousins.

At the time, Mac-A-Mill was on social networking sites as Mac-A-Mill Productions. Illuzion approached him with the idea to turn it into a record label and the first act would be The Krusial Clique. Mac agreed and they would run it together. The Krusial Clique began working on the album "Killaz Fa Da Skrill" which they wrote and recorded during summer vacation and finished in time for school to start. The album sold well in their schools, but after a while most of the members had moved. Illuzion and Mac-A-Mill however stayed in touch and began work on a compilation that they would release for free. Living across the Kansas, Missouri state lines, it became difficult for the two to continue working together, but this did not deter either from recording.

During high school, Mac-A-Mill recorded over twenty song which would never be released. Shortly after he graduated, he and his two cousins, Bizzle and J. Coop formed the group 3 stacks. They recorded songs to Mac's beats. They had planned to release the album "Millionaire Mindset" but due to financial troubles, this did not happen. The group soon disbanded. Mac-A-Mil then began working on his first solo album "Sittin On A Dream" which he released in 2008 online under his label renamed MacA Ent (short for Mac-A-Mill Enterprises).

Soon after, 3 Stacks decided they would try again. They scrapped many of the original songs and started fresh. With new financial backing for MacA Ent, Mac-A-Mill re-released "Sittin On A Dream" along with "Millionaire Mindset" and a compilation of new songs they called "How Real iz Dat".

Shortly after, the group disbanded again, this time for good. However they still perform together. Late 2009, Mac got together with cousin Lil Boo and they co-wrote and produced an album called "Produce This" which also featured the other members of 3 Stacks. The album was released in 2010.

Mac continued producing and recording over the next two years which eventually lead to the release of the album "Kold Cuttz". Since then he has been producing for other artists as well as MacA Ent artists and has even turned his sights to the songwriting market. His beats are available here on as well as his soundclick page.


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