I have been tinkering in my little home studio for decades. As a student in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College back in the 70s, I have always been keen to make music the sounds good and feels good. I'm finally starting to be able realize that goal in large measure because of the tools that are out there, including, of course, Pro Tools, but also because of Waves, and especially now because of Slate Digital, who I think have changed the rules of the game.

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Finally made Rock Top 10 with "Rise Above the Blues".

A rough copy of "Walking on Air" has been uploaded. A few more in the same vein are on their way. (December 8/08)

Road to Royan has made the Top Ten in Fan Picks (37-50). Thanks for your support. (March 5/08)

Mourning Song and Three Cold Bullets are finally done. Check them out! (December 31/07)

Thanks to Hannah and Jessie for the photos at the last show. (November 20/07)


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Hi Matt! Another good one on "Cadillac"! catnip

Hey Matt! Nice shot on "Rise above the blues" ! Keep on truckin! catnip

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Matt Mereu
over 30 days ago

Thanks. Will do!

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Matt Mereu

Hi Matt,
Many thanks for your very kind review of my instrumental "Blue". Not everyone seems capable of providing constructive comments, you definitely do - and I'm grateful for them.
It's quite an old track and I enjoyed hearing it again but agree with you that it sort of runs out of steam a bit. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that it's really too long. I may well have a go at sorting it out and getting it up to date a little.
Just had a listen to It's Alright, great track and very original.
Thanks again,

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Clean Clean

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