Music is the best known & affordable healing tool, ever.

I have ever heard notes per say. I believe that my hearing impairment suggests harmonies/chord progressions that bloom on the paper. I play the piano to verify if it sounds good. It's the process my brain is used to since ever. You may tell my mixes are weak at times, but there's no budget to hire experts, so your comments are always appreciated.

I am Thierry. Born in France. Playing music since I was 5, classical background, Jazz Bands. Got my first 4-track recorder in the 80s.

30 years of creativity were found in 2012, in forgotten drawers, a few CDs given to friends/family. When I discovered Broadjam, it changed my musical exposure in a network of talents. Registered at the SOCAN since Nov 6 2012.

My NB logo means "Bonne Note"/"spot on" for all what matters to me in music. Fluidity, harmony & thoroughness. Driven by Nature & relationships, powered by creativity & emotions.

Latest News

Honored to play live from home on the DSA artist spotlight broadcasted on Thursday, Feb 16th 2023 (in 3 days) the winning music of their 2022 contest: 'Redemption, the Last Waltz' applauded by Roy Elkins... Plus other compositions, if time allows. Don't miss that, at 7pm CT (8pm EST Montreal) this Thursday, Feb 16th.

Live and play back here :

Winner of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Instrumental category of the 2022 Dallas Songwriters Contest, as well as the Grand Prize in the same contest accross all categories. A real honor, a huge award and recognition after all those years of work and perseverance, ups and downs. Very thankful about that, to all people, especially from the Broadjam family and Roy's team, who supported my work with continuous encouragement and positive criticism.


Cyndi Corkran
over 30 days ago to Thierry Coupey

Thierry my friend,
Thank you so very much, for your recent and varied endorsement; appreciate your kindness, thereof!
Hopefully, you are making progress with your plans to return home to France. There's always many things to take into consideration, and I wish you great success with all of your endeavors!
Keep us posted on your travels............Bonnne chance!
Love & Peace~

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago to Thierry Coupey

Hi there, thx for the stars on Frostbite Heart and putting it on your playlist. I'm flattered.

Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Thierry Coupey

Ingrid does you proud with "Perfect vocals for such a song.
She has an Expressive vocal and a top Artist I would imagine!
Worth waiting for!
Your signature music contributes a little! Ha!
Is it your Lyrics also Thierry?

Ps I won the £50 for the Dallas Song Contest, "Raffle"! Fancy a swap for the Electric Piano?
My song did not achieve Finalist like last year!
Cheers, Jim

2 Replies
Thierry Coupey
over 30 days ago

Hi Jim
I ve followed your success story at the DSA last year ! I ve been so impressed that a Broadjam member could achieve that reward. So I took a chance myself, and I dont know what happened this year, I am still in shock. Looks so unreal and a bit exaggerated actually...
Thanks for your kind comments on Ingrids vocals and my music, she is definitely the most genuine, expressive and authentic person I know today.

Jim, pls recieve, a bit late, all my respects for your success in presenting "Rafle" to the last DSA contest. Roy had a most hard task this year apparently, so it means all categories were at best, and your song was just THE best of the catagory.
Thats it.


Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago

Sorry Thierry, I think you misunderstood!
My song, "I See Her Dancing" was not placed this year.
I could only win their Raffle for $50.
Better than nothing!
I watched the movie of your intro to your songs.
Again, what an achievement!

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