Nikki Hornsby

Songwriter, Artist, Producer, Arranger

Nikki Hornsby has obtained USA radio offline & online airplay for original music since 1980s but her professional career in the music industry started in high school.

She has written over 300 market tested songs in music styles that run the gamut from Irish, Spanish, and German to a cappella, folk, Americana, novelty, country, to rock & blues.

Nikki licensed music product to both MUZAK in 2012 & Media Base which encoded 3CDs for broadcasting as well as featured on many eStores including European based ones like Media

Nikki Hornsby was one nominee of the 2011 Billboard Magazine "Women in Music" Nikki has been a Music industry Judge for Colgate Talent USA contests, a judge many CCMA State Talent Competitions, and an industry talent judge in Europe for a 2007 USAFE {United States Armed Forces Europe} and more.

From 2004 to 2007 spent fulltime overseas gaining European experiences for her company & her music. Her song "This IS America" was featured on CNN TV for World Cup soccer warm up game of USA vs. Italy in 2006

Spent years as a liaison with various host nation countries plus meeting US & European Ambassadors as founder of CJP-NHRecords, which was incorporated in 2008.

As a business woman, Nikki gained precise knowledge of US - International associations - groups & functions, for example, she was asked to be Soccer World Cup 2006 Official VIP host for City of Kaiserslautern Germany 2006.

Since high school she has appeared on numerous commercial radio stations & TV shows plus participated in print & live interviews throughout USA & in Europe.

As the granddaughter of a Columbia Record artist & radio host, singer songwriter musician, Dan Hornsby,, Nikki carried on her musical inheritance by establishing her consulting business while being a professional full time music recording industry person (songwriter affiliated with BMI) in 1989.

As a voting member of the Academy of Country Music (ACM), based in Los Angeles, CA USA Nikki Hornsby was honored with being nominated (placing her name on the ballot) in the composure category to their Board of Director's four different times in the 1990s.

Nikki Hornsby has been working with radio stations as well as TV, movie & print medias within the public arena nationally & internationally. She is remarkably familiar with the public duties in foreign & domestic affairs work, with its necessity & importance to the United States in the area of commerce. She has been a positive respective representative for her craft & country at home and abroad.

To this date within the international music recording industry, through CJP-NHRecords with projects, Nikki Hornsby has been helping others in music field which is her passion. With CJP-NHRecords staff she is always planning new projects for years to come while overseeing MP3 Specialists doing licensing and marketing of original material towards high net returns.

Before 2003:

With her own funds she went on a road RV Tour to the entire boarding states of USA, July to Nov 2002, to test out original new material before recording to release them in the future.

In 2001 obtained airplay for "Draw the Line" ( original song ( on CRN Cable Radio Network that reaches 26 million households & 11millon cable TV customers.

Nikki Hornsby gathered many Industry reviews of another CJP-NHRecords CD release titled "Reaching Out" CD favorable consumer reports through 2000 which was a special project to obtain funds for her dying older brother in need of a heart transplant.

1992 Fox Network Television (Columbia Pictures TV) hired Nikki through her long time talent agent "Castle-Hill Ent." for a special cameo appearance in Parker Lewis Can't Loose TV Series Final Episode called "Diner '75" as folk singer singing two songs .

In1991 she released a cassette product containing all previous recorded songs made commercially available through Phonolog Catalogue in Record Stores throughout the USA which also listed her previous four releases.

1989 print chart placement of original song & record release placed on a number of USA National 100 Radio Charts {i.e., Cashbox Mag.} for over six weeks of airplay based on the merit of the product. European offline airplay continued in many different countries throughout that year to this very day.

Nikki was awarded Female Singer of the Year 1988 in Scandinavia by the CMC (country music radio listeners community) of Denmark. And she was nominated Female Singer, Entertainer, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year by LA Chapter of CCMA. Number One & Two Radio Charted songs at WBYO 50,000-watt station in Penn. Number Number One Charted song "One Way Ticket to a Heartbreak" on Country radio station in Mallorca, Spain. All of Nikki Hornsby first released songs charted in Top 10 on many radio stations throughout Europe in 1988.


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