A.J. Gundell

Songwriter, Composer, Music Supervisor, Producer

Andy "A.J." Gundell is a 13-time Emmy award-winning songwriter, composer, music supervisor and producer... and currently the founder and CEO of next gen music library, Future Hits.

Best move Andy ever made was tossing a degree in philosophy from Yale in favor of starting a bluegrass-rock band called The Helium Brothers. A decade or a few later... too many gigs to remember... but some with unforgettable artists, creatives, and media partners... he's still proudest to say he's a musician who's never had a day job.

These days, running his own company, Future Hits, feels like the best job he could ever have: Andy works with some of the finest songwriter/composer/recording artists in the world, as the publisher of an unsurpassed collection of indie music for license to the visual media and for sale to the music consumer. Future Hits is co-published by the great independent music publisher, Spirit Music Group. Between FH and its boutique predecessor the Tonic Song Library, A.J. has been responsible for over a thousand placements in film, television, advertising and new media.

Helium in Connecticut led to commercial and television composing gigs in New York City... which in turn led to 25 years as a music supervisor and director of classic network shows like "All My Children," "Guiding Light," and the "Cosby" sitcom, where he co-composed music in live recording sessions with Mr. Cosby himself. The daily trenches of TV production led to incredible creative opportunities to compose, write songs, score, edit, direct, and post-mix for the programs, which in turn led to 13 Emmys: an unsurpassed three for Outstanding Original Song, A.J. the vocalist for two; for his original scores as a composer and his work as a music director/supervisor in the categories of Music Direction, Composition, and Arrangement; and for his audio-post soundtrack mixing, sound design and production--all of which led to long-held memberships in two of our great industry unions, The Director's Guild of America and The American Federation of Musicians. In addition to wide-ranging drama and sitcom, some of Andy's favorite clips from his TV reel include high intensity sports music: the two original show themes that launched the first years of NBA-TV; ESPN's main title for the PBA Pro Bowler's Tour; and the current show theme for NBC Sports Network's mixed martial arts show, World Series of Fighting.

Iconic artists as diverse as Nashville legend Don Williams and South African Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have recorded Andy's music. His own singer-songwriter recordings have been released by PolyGram Records, as a compilation of his greatest TV hits called "Love On The Air"; as a songbook/CD of the same name by Cherry Lane Music; and as the indie album "Collection," for which the late great rock DJ Pete Fornatale referred to Andy as "a hidden treasure." Most of his recordings--songs, scores, audio post sound design and mixes--are produced in his own personal heaven: a state of the art DAW/home recording studio.

Everyday TV led to hands-on sync licensing and usages of third-party music libraries--an understanding of how they work, and why many fall short... which in turn led to a determination to reinvent the wheel of production music in the digital age. A.J's skill set as songwriter/composer/producer/music sup, along with his experience teaching songwriting/coaching/critiquing for song circles and workshops, uniquely qualifies him to lead up the new library initiative. Future Hits is committed to delivering the full range of publishing opportunities and revenue streams to its world-class roster of songwriter/composers, and the

utmost in client services, music supervision, and A&R to its high-end licensees in the major media TV/film/advertising/new media industries.

Everyday, Andy wakes up believing the next future hit is out there, waiting to be written. And he thinks maybe he's got it. Or you do.


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