Jason Kessler and ProRS

Jason Kessler and ProRS

Jack of all trades and Master of None
Nothing too crazy, but it sounds like fun...

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The true story of Dr J and ProRS

ProRS is not so much a band as a project, consisting of anyone Jason can recruit to be part of his ongoing musical endeavors. The name comes from a biochemical shorthand from a research project long ago. It's something that may not be very meaningful to everyone, but does sound kind of cool, much like the music.

There is very little in music that Jason has not dabbled in, though most of his best stuff seems to be in the rock and roll genre. With interests ranging far and wide, his eclectic style is like that leftover pie Mom used to make with whatever she could find in the fridge, you just never know what you'll find.

A sampling is on Broadjam, with most of my newest and best stuff available for free download. I've pretty much given up on albums, but my older albums included.
Billy Mann, A Rock Opera by Jason Kessler (1990)
Eminently Listenable (1992)
Dance To It Or Hate It (1994)
Good Advice For The Damned (1997)
July Happy (2000)
Feed The Hand That Bites You (2010)
Also, you should check out my books!
St Bartholomew's Blood (2014) - mystery/thriller
Tea With Jesus (2018) - fiction, character study


Over Me: terrific hooky tune that emotionally rocks like nobody's business! Love the yueqin!
Steel Age: Lovely ambient experiment...reminds me Autechre but certainly your own.

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Jason Kessler and ProRS
over 30 days ago

Hey, John! Thanks for checking out my tunes and your comments. Loved The Most of Nothing. Top notch lyrics! Especially enjoyed Sunny Sunday, really fun light-hearted tune. Makes me feel like a drive. Your vocal style reminds me a little of Kevin Hearn from The Canadian band Barenaked Ladies (some of their more recent stuff). You might also like my friend, Minneapolis-based John P Koski, he's not on Broadjam, but He's on SoundCloud.

Hi, Jason! I seldom see a review that has something specific that makes me say, "Wow! He picked up on something that I can use! Fleshing out the EQ on the drums. That's worth a shot! I'm also pleased that you enjoyed the song, "Stay Here Now." The drums are played by a drummer but they're made into sound samples so they are like a half and half...half real half loop. Anyway, your assessments are spot on. Yes, the 70s flavor is correct: I wanted a sound that would be like the Carpenters and David Gates of Bread. As a reviewer, you're careful and give the songs a good listen and have valid things to consider. Thanks much!

Jason, thank you for taking the time to review Omni Play. I appreciate your comments, but I would like to add, the percussion was recorded at Studio Center Miami, by three time grammy award winning percussionist Ignacio Nunez. They weren't midi programmed as you thought. Also, not all music is written to be danceable. I recorded this with Weather Report and Pink Floyd in mind. It is a song to just sit back and listen to. Thank you for the positive comments.

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Paul Messina
over 30 days ago

I went back and re read your comments and I think you were talking about the Percussive instruments, not the percussion (Congas, tambourine, hand percussion, etc…..). So you were right. I record most of my songs, programming MIDI, then replace a lot (but not all) with real drums, guitars, percussion, etc… Then add the horns.

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