I am a singer/songwriter who specializes in rock, acoustic and hard rock music. My influences stem from Brent Smith, Jon Bon Jovi, Joe Elliott, Geoff Tate and Chris Cornell. I love all styles of music and am always interested in collaborating with new artists to enhance my skills as a singer, song writer and friend.

Email me at looksam548@gmail.com if you are interested in working together!

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I recently finished working on an acoustic song called "Beyond The Light" with George Selsky. Check it out on my page!

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Sam Look is a rock music singer and songwriter with a passion for working with new artists.

With influences from Bon Jovi, Brent Smith from Shinedown, Scott Stapp, Geoff Tate and various other singers, I have had the honor to lend my voice to over 20 songs through my music career.

In 2003 I released my first official album called "Lessons."

During that year I teamed with a producer and songwriter named Rodney Gene Spaulding to produce and record the album.

"Lessons" was intentionally written and produced with an 80's rock sound. I learned a lot that year about singing and song writing but I also had a lot left to learn (and still do).

Songs like "Letting Go of Me", "Chasing Down A Dream", "Blood on Blood" and "Waiting For Tomorrow" each won some fan awards and provided me with an opportunity to showcase my aspirations as a singer and song writer.

Between 2006-2009 I recorded six songs for an album I eventually released called "Honored."

Unfortunately I stopped working on music for nearly a decade and I finally released the album in 2018.

When I finally released "Honored" I did so because I felt like I needed to release the songs of my past so I can focus on the songs of my future.

The songs on "Honored" all have different production qualities because they were recorded by different producers and artists and for different reasons.

"Radio Song", "Someone Else's Life", "Life Without a Care" and "Suddenly" were all produced by Rodney Gene Spaulding.

"Fly" was written as a ballad for my cousins wedding. The music, production and arrangement were performed by Bill Smith and Mark Turk.

Everyday (Should Feel Like Today) initially began as a song from an artist I met on myspace in 2007 named Stephen Richardson. Bill Smith and Mark Turk helped me produce this track.

"Honored" the song was initially began when I was in a band called "Deny The Flesh in 2008. It was re-recorded and produced by Bill Smith and Mark Turk.

"Life Without a Care" and "Someone Else's Life" reached the top 10 classic rock songs on broadjam multiple times. They also helped me achieve second place in the 2007 "Pope Idol" competition at Pope AFB, NC.

Today I am the lead singer for a rock band called Soul Bind. Together we have currently released five amazing tracks called "Skeletons", All My Heart," "I Died Too Young," "No One Left Behind" and "All I've Ever Known." Each song has received numerous top 10 placements on broadjam and thousands of streams on spotify and other streaming services.

You can hear Soul Bind's music at www.soulbindmusic.com or https://www.broadjam.com/soulbind

Additionally, I have also began recording with an artist named George Selsky who I met on broadjam.

We initially began collaborating with a rock song called "Plastic" but have since began dabbling with acoustic songs called "Beyond the Light" Both songs have also received top ten placements on broadjam.

Today I am interested in collaborating with artists who are interested in collaborating with me and who need a singer to help solidify their artistic vision. I am easy to work with and always excited to help create new material with other aspiring musicians.

If you are interested in working together please let me know!

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Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Sam Look

Hey there Sam Look, We too....just received a review from our One Hit Wonder friend and it was pretty brutal !! Yikes...
It really hurts to get a review like that, especially on The Lords Day.... Say, we had a listen to some of your songs and they are quite GOOD, Gave you 5 stars & Likes, GREAT JOB SIR!! I guess we just need to forgive him and turn our cheek ....for he knows not what he says or does!!!
Hopefully that's the correct thing to do? It's funny, it's always the New Songwriters and Artists that post tough reviews to other Broad Jam Members??
Hope we can connect, we now have something in common.....can't we all just get along?? Hee Hee!!
Happy Trails.......
Marge & Art Corey

Greg Johnson
over 30 days ago to Sam Look

Hi Sam. Just posted a new tune (Can't get it thru my Heart). I'd love it if you could give it a listen when you have a minute. Take care. Greg

over 30 days ago to Sam Look

Hi Sam, thanks for your review of inside of me. Your comments are appreciated. Toni

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