Ante Novaselic

Ante Novaselic

Bad Dream

Song Length 3:30 Genre Rock - Grunge, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Doom, Fear Similar Artists Masters of Reality, Masters of Reality
Language English Era 1990 - 1999



Felt like a Bad Dream.
Like one I've never seen
In this bad dream
Why are the faces mean

Inside you feel the change
Outside it's all the same

In this bad dream
It's never what it seems
Is this the real thing
what these shadows bring

Inside you feel the change
Outside it's all the same

(Bad Dreamy Bridge)

Seems like a Bad Dream.
Like one I've never seen
and in this Bad Dream
All the faces Scream.....

Chorus: (X2)
Inside you feel the change
Outside it's all the same

Very Alice in Chains meets low pop suicide, and has a great shot at radio play at just about every college station in the country...Great job with the arrangement... I totally dug this track..

Very good and different. Very enjoyable listen...

Well this is my 2nd review and thank god this was sooooo much better than the first one lol. Honestly, the song reminded me of the very first band I played in The Dead Rabbits. I heard eerily similarities on both the positive and negative aspects of the song.

Bad Dreams can be scary...... this scares me.......

Really creative tune!! The use of the odd chord progression is perfect prosody for the "Bad Dream" theme! Vocals/musicianship/production all sound great to me!! Really clever, fantastic song!!

The song is quite catchy, reminds me of Alice in chains.Good for road trips playlists and windy weather.Good recording and emotional vocals.

First thing that grabs me right from the word go is very professional and infectious riff. Really great chord changes, and I love the way the backing vocals are used. Very cool and original sounding piece with great instrumentation.

The guitar hook is very unique and catchy.

Lyrics Anthony Novaselic Music Anthony Novaselic
Producer Anthony Novaselic Performance echodrift
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Rock - Grunge #1
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Rae' Ven Rae Great Broadjam Tunes 11/15/2023

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